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Saturday, January 02, 2010



This is a picture of my dad and my boys. They are all playing the Wii and loving it.

This was in October when my parents were here for their annual visit to us. This was the visit that the kids ended up totally sick and we hardly did anything but play on the Wii and hold sick babies. It's a good thing my parents come often and have seen a ton out here!

Anyway, since this picture has been taken, there has been a change. To my Dad. He is now an orphan. My grandpa died in 2004. And on New Year's Eve, my grandma passed away. She had a stroke. So now my Dad is parent-less.

We are off to the funeral in a few days. I'll be taking my computer along to (hopefully) be able to blog while we are there. Until then, I am stressing (slightly) about flying with these boys. Anyone have any tips to deal with 20 month old twins on a 5+ hour flight?



  1. Sorry to hear about it. We can't go without DVD players. I also stocked up on sticker activity books, magnetic drawing boards, a few random things from the dollar section, and lots of treats and snacks they don't usually get. Oh yeah, and benadryl. :) I'm not saying it went well or that I'm any expert though! If you find anything magic, let me know!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll praying your flight is uneventful and it's not too difficult. Wish I had some better advice, but I haven't flown with Sprout. ((((((Hugs))))))))

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I wouldn't worry too much about travelling with the boys -- I haven't flown with twins, but I flew with the girls at this age. It isn't easy, but if you take it in stride it works. I did 2 hr car trip + 4hr wait, + 11 hr flight, plus transfer + 3 hr train ride.

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss. I know travelling with all the kids isn't easy. I always got a toy that was new and gave it to Aidan on the plane. Kinda like a plane present. Usually kept him busy for a while. I'd say lots of snacks, movies for Butterfly, toys for the boys. Oh and the safety cards really entertained Aidan too at that age.


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