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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maybe More Sleep?


Last night I was up way too late and had to deal with the screaming yet AGAIN this morning. Plus Butterfly got up at around 3am to go potty (yay for waking up!) but fell asleep on the toilet. I woke up when she got in there, and wondered what in the world she was doing in there! Go in to find her all slumped over and asleep. At least she made it to the toilet on time. No picture because I had had about an hour and a half of sleep by that point. Tired.

I got too little sleep to handle screaming well.

Juice (who also stayed up playing his weekly online game fix) wasn't handling it very well either. We started talking about taking Professor to the doctor and I didn't want to go. But Juice said to just go and get milk at the store next to the doctor's office. Fine.

Guess what? Nothing is wrong. Yeah. Oh, and I also got yelled at by the doctor for giving him a goldfish before she came in the door. This was after the nurses came in to see why he was screaming and urged me to give him a gold fish. I'm not liking them right now. (But I do love my new insurance...no copay!)

After a negative swab for strep, RSV, and the flu, we headed out to the store for milk. And then I got myself some fast food breakfast because I love that stuff and I never am out in time to get it.

The boys napped well after a big lunch and Butterfly fell asleep too. I attempted to get things picked up around the house and failed miserably. I fell asleep on my bed with Butterfly but only slept for a few minutes when the boys woke up. And Professor screamed until Juice got home.

Luckily, Professor was happy to eat dinner (pasta with goat cheese sauce, all the kids loved it) and is now tucked away into his bed.

I intend to go to my bed as soon as I'm done with this. Maybe that will fix the horrible funk we all seem to be in lately.



  1. oh i know these moments all too well!

    is it too cold to go outside?
    we finally found that going outside was a quick fix when baby D wouldn't stop fussing/crying.

  2. January seems to be a bad month for everyone. Well it will be over soon and hopfully Feb will bring better days for is all. Miss you. I come over but you know pink eye unless you want more advender in your life:-D

  3. Sorry just got the nails done and I cannot seem to type. "January seems to be a bad month for everyone. Well it will be over soon and hopfully Feb will bring better days for us all. Miss you. I would come over but you know pink eye and all. That is unless you want more adventure in your life:-D

  4. Perhaps you will fall back into a normal routine....one can wish anyways. Good luck with the kiddos. :)


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