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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Question of the Week


This week's question on the Multiples and More blog was a fun one!  The question is:

"Tell us your 5 FAVORITE blogs- and they don't have to be multiple mom blogs either!"

Now I read a lot of blogs.  Frankly, I read a lot more blogs than I ever comment on.  I believe this is called "lurking".  I don't mind being a lurker.  I only comment on the blogs I really like or if I have something to say.  I also read my blogs in a reader which I think kills the commenting too.  I have all my blogs seperated out into catagories.  I'll list my catagories and one of my favorite blogs in it. 

IRL Blogs (or In Real Life, basically people I've met in real life)
Clio-  I met Karen online when we were both trying to have babies and journaling on the iParenting website.  Before the big blog craze hit and everyone had one.  We had to apply to write there and everything.  But then blogs hit and the site died and we moved onto our own blogs.  We've stayed in touch through our blogs and last year we got to meet in person.  We both love books, reading, and dogs.  She was nice enough to dog sit Soot while we drove across the country for an hour or so while we went sight seeing.  I love seeing her posts about her cute Evie and reading her thoughts on adoption.

Maryland Bloggers (or people who live in Maryland who blog, like me)
Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom- DiPaola Momma is seriously funny.  I love her Fit Pitchin' Fridays and how she calls all of her followers "Nuggetiers".  She's also super sweet in person and throws an awesome party.

Shopping Blogs (or blogs that have anything to do with money)
TattooAstronomy- For those who use Swagbucks, you should recognize this sight.  For those who don't, WHY AREN'T YOU?  Seriously, free money for doing a few searches a day!  Who wouldn't want that?  I always jump when I see there's a post from this blog because that means I've either missed a swag code (another way to earn swagbucks) or there's some important information about Swagbucks.  Seriously you guys, join up!  It's how I paid for a lot of Christmas this year and how I'm probably going to save up and get a Flip camera...for free!

Twin Blogs (or blogs that have anything to do with multiples of any kind)
The Isoms-  My friend from my church recommended I read her blog when I was pregnant with the boys.  The were friends or roommates...I can't remember which.  In any case, Jen has twins plus a singleton and is wicked funny.  Just looking at her blog header makes me giggle...The Whitest People in Miami.  I want to meet her one day and let our children run wild together.  Because I get the feeling they would.

Ward Members (or people at my church who have blogs)
Better in Bulk- Lolli is one of my bestest pals.  She manages to blog every day and I never feel like it's the slow dribble that I put up on my page.  Plus, she often posts cute pictures of my kids or family!  She is also my local photographer.  We talk a few times a week on the phone, as well as do a little preschool together, and read each other's blogs every day.  I always check to see if she's written anything very first thing.

Not Catagorized (or things that I just haven't put into catagories...there has to be at least 30 blogs in that list but most only post sporatically)
MommyKnows- I don't remember where I started reading her but I love reading!  She has a 4 year old that I'm sure would be best buds with my 4 year old.  She lives in Canada and I am in awe of her amazing pictures this winter.  She does a bunch of simple crafts that I always think I could pull off but then remember that I have zero free time on my hands sometimes.  We have a big thing in common...we both love SNOW!  I am jealous of all the snow business that goes on with her family and maybe one day we'll live in a place that snows more than 3 times a year.

Whew, this was harder than I thought.  And it took longer because I got sucked into other blogs I enjoy reading but didn't post.  Now you know what I do during nap time!






  1. Although if our twins ran around together I'm sure yours would come away with some mischievous knowledge they didn't have before. :) Yours seem a little more tame than mine!

    I know - I love how having twins has given me a couple of new friends I have never even met...but I feel like I totally know!

  2. Thanks for the mention! See you tomorrow! :)

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I'm blushing, thanks for the kind words!


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