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Monday, January 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home


First there was a car (and Juice shoved in the back with the luggage).

Then there was an escelator and a lot of walking.

Next came a plane.  A very full plane.  A plane they sprayed with de-icing stuff before we took off.

Then came some more walking.

Followed by yet another plane.  This one not so full.  Everyone got to have their own seat! 

This plane took forever.  It got dark.  The sun set while we were in the air.  Professor slept a lot.  The others, not so much.

Then came a lot of walking. 

Two more escalators and some moving walk ways.

Then a train.

Then a different train.  Which was going REALLY slow. 

Then some walking and waiting outside in 20 degree weather. 

Then a bus.

Finally, the last 2 blocks and our house! 



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  1. Yay!! You made it home! I left a message a few minutes ago, but hopefully you are sleeping in. Call me!


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