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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Just Flew In from Maryland


Boy are my arms tired!  Seriously...I have one bouncy 20 month old boy named Pirate.  And he bounced for a good hour on the plane today.  Lucky me.  I'm exhausted from being up at 3am and not napping at all so this will be short. 

The Goods:
Absolutely no line at security.  We were able to preboard both our flights and got tons of overhead room.  On our flight to Arizona, the plane was empty where we were.  We had 2 rows all to ourselves.  The kids were able to lay down and nap.  The kids were great with the toys we brought and Butterfly didn't even complain about her movie player and it's randomness (more on that later).  Most everyone was understanding of us and ALL of our stuff and kids.  We made it on time, spent a nice evening with my parents.  We had pork roast which is my favorite meal my dad cooks.  Nice to know I am loved.  :)  I bought new jeans and chapstick. 

The Bads:
It took us FOREVER to get through security.  Good thing there was no one behind us.  It is hard to get 3 little people out of their coats and shoes, all 3 of our bags plus 5 backpacks onto the x-ray belt and then back on on the other side.  On the way to Arizona, I had just gotten Professor to sleep on me and I was dozing off.  I heard a tiny voice next to me, "Mommy, wake up!  I need to go potty!"  Ugh...That woke me and Professor up for the rest of the trip and it made me beyond exhausted.  The flight was full to Salt Lake.  I had Pirate this time and he just jumped and jumped and jumped.  Also, hauling 3 kids, 3 bags, 5 back packs and trying to juggle tickets is awful.  I am not doing this again.  I could have only brought half the stuff I brought and survived.

Still, I survived anyway.  The kids ate early and went to bed early.  Hopefully that means they won't be up at 3 or 4 in the morning.  I'm enjoying being at my parents' house and having them there to see all the cute things about my kids in person!  It's one thing to write about them all the time, it's another to actually enjoy the kiddos in real time.

K, falling asleep.  Night!



  1. I absolutely love toting around everything that my kids might want/need. Especially when they don't use any of it. I always tell myself that if I hadn't brought it, I would've needed it. Right?

  2. Glad you got there safely. Sorry it was a bit stressful. I agree with the if you hadn't brought it you would have needed it and things would have escalated to crisis level, at least for the kiddo that needed it. How long are you staying?

  3. I'm so glad you guys got there safely. It sounds to me like it was more of a success than not. I'm glad. Soot was doing great yesterday when we went over, and Necco had fun playing with her. I'm SO happy about her progress. No fear!! She asked me this morning if I thought it would be warm enough today to take her for a walk this afternoon. Wouldn't that be nice? ;)

  4. So glad you got there ok. And that you had pretty good luck at the airport. You guys are amazing. Try to enjoy your stay and get some rest!!

  5. Glad you made it!


  6. I tend to underpack for the plane -- I usually travel on my own with the girls so I have to be 100% sure I can carry everything.
    Glad you had a safe trip and that you are able to enjoy some time with your family


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