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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Question of the Week


I figured you would not be interested in my obsessive list making for our trip (3 so far, 2 in their second draft) that I would ask and answer a question.

This week's question to be answered is from the Multiples and More blog. It asks, "What are some of your favorite winter activities?"

We are very outdoorsy people here. We LOVE the outdoors in the winter. Most of all, we love sledding, snowman making, and general snow frolicking. I think if we had enough snow to warrant proper snow gear, we would be outside all day long on snow days.

When we've had enough of snow or we don't have any, we love doing the following:

-books...you can't go wrong with books! We have a ton.
-car racing
-indoor parades...Butterfly is our drum major and we march around the house
-extra long baths...sometimes it's just fun to have super long baths and splash all over
-movies...we are big movie people here but the kids are only allowed to watch one a day
-games...board games, wii games, silly games, computer games, you name, we play it
-library trips
-museum trips...one awesome thing about living in the DC area is all the cool museums!
-free play

Honestly I think my kids do more free play than anything. I often get them started on something and let them have at it. Then I break up the inevitable fights.

So here's my question to ask:

Has anyone used the Kid Tough DVD player? I bought one for Butterfly for this trip and I'm wondering if I should get 2 more for the boys. They are pretty expensive so I'm wondering if it would be worth it for the boys.



  1. First I'm gone, and now you. I'm sad. I hope this trip goes smoothly for you! I've never tried the kid tough DVD player. Maybe you should wait to see how useful it is on the trip out there, and if you love it, then get two more for the boys for the trip back?

  2. Make sure you take headphones! You can't play it with sound otherwise. I would try it first and then get the others if the boys are interested. Good luck!

  3. I feel for you, I took 4 kids to Maryland from Utah by myself. And before that, I took 3 kids on a 15 hr plane trip (one way) to Taiwan...
    Pray for miracles because I got them. I think you might just want to hope for the best,anticipate some tough moments and be extremely prepared.
    And pray unceasingly..

  4. Yeah, I'd see how it goes with this one on the trip. I'll admit - our kids have pretty much thrashed our portable DVD player so none of the buttons work anymore and we are currently looking for another one, so you'll have to let us know what you think. My big hesitation would be the TWO hour battery life. I'm hoping it has an extra battery? Cause we're looking for a 5 or 6 hour one on the next one we buy. Flying cross-country a lot makes you realize that a short battery life like the one we have now kind of stinks. I mean, granted, your kids probably won't watch 5 or 6 hours, but for some reason ours always seems to die at a crucial moment and cause a serious tantrum!


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