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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Facebook Last Month


Because I can't think of something better to say today, here are my facebook updates for the month of December.

Just finishing buying up the last of her Christmas presents and didn't spend any money! How did I do that? By getting free amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! Are you swagging yet? Join in and get free money too. Check my home page for a link!

Who wants a Christmas card? Speak now or miss seeing my kids this year.

SNOW!! Big wet flakes. The first snow of the season!

My hands smell like chocolate!

People say there is a big storm coming. Is it, really?

Thinks ward Christmas parties with twin toddlers is overrated. :P

Thinks Christmas card envelopes should taste better.

Need a babysitter on Friday night!

Snow? Really, maybe?

Awesome awesome snow storm! Just got back from a date and the roads are killer (since no one knows what to do) but we have at least 2 inches of the cruchy stuff. Love it!

19 inches and still going!

Snow pictures on my blog. Go to my profile for the link!

Had a great time sledding this morning and now off to see the Christmas Lights!

Delaying writing in my blog and I don't know why.

Lost a stocking stuffer! Ack! Found it about an hour later.

Off to an MNO! Can't wait!

Back from Mt. Vernon and I am tired!

I think I use exclamation points too much. Huh...

Looks like a pretty good month to me. Lots of snow, Christmas, free stuff, times out with friends...just what a December should be.


PS- See my puppy on Lolli's blog!

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  1. Haha! I am always guilty of using too many exclamation marks. It's a problem I am trying to deal with. :)


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