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Monday, January 25, 2010

Crying Day


Yesterday I was sitting on the couch with Professor on my lap. I asked him, "Do you want to go play?" because he was gestering and gabbering at Pirate and Butterfly playing across the room. He looked at me, pouted out his lip a little. Then it started to tremble. Then his eyes got really sad and he took a shuddering breath. He squeezed out a tear just in the corner of his eye. His hands flew to his mouth and he took in another huge shuddering breath. That breath turned into "the cry with no sound" that kids do before they let loose. And then he did let loose. Ho.ly.cow. Not that hard of a question kid! Juice and I just stared at each other stunned. This kid could be an actor!

Today has gone much the same, with the slow progression into a huge sobbing mass by lunch time. Vinny (Butterfly's BFF) and his mom came over to spend the morning playing and they had a great time together. The boys followed me around the house wailing. I finally broke down and gave Professor his binkie because I just could not handle the crying anymore! He never gets his binkie out of his bed. I did consider leaving him in his bed for awhile but he cried so hard I just carried him around with me. I also fed him lunch standing up holding him because he would sit down. I couldn't sit down either.

Once everyone was down for their naps and Vinny and Lala were sent safely home, I sat down and did a few deep breaths. About 10 minutes later, Professor wakes up screaming. And it just kept going and going and going. Finally I got him up, gave him some happy juice (pain killers) and dealt with the aftermath of NO! MORE! MEDICINE! screaming. I finally took him to Butterfly (who was watching a movie in my room) and watched some of the movie with her and him limp on my chest. He fell asleep. However, Butterfly can not sit still for a moment and all that jostling woke him up. Screaming followed and continued until Juice got home. My ears hurt.

I took Butterfly to dance class tonight and that was a real treat to talk to my friend for a whole 50 minutes without any of my offspring around. Awesome. But Butterfly fell on her tailbone the minute she came home and screamed the rest of the evening.

Juice said he had no problems with the boys and they were great and happy and fun. Why me?!



  1. Oh no! I am so sorry!! That really stinks. Poor boys and poor YOU! I hope B is ok, too!

  2. sorry, i chuckled while reading and laughed at the end...
    I always love the chance of bumping into you in church, you have a quiet strength about you, I enjoy partaking it. Maybe that's why YOU.

    Say, would you be interested in accidentally bumping into each other outside the primary room the 3rd hour?

  3. Oh--sounds like a lovely day! Julia was doing much the same a week or so ago. I was getting irritated after a few days of it. When I took her in for her 9 mo physical the doctor said her ear was red. Oops, I guess that explained her mood. Keep an eye on him in case it goes on more than a day . . . it could be something. Or, maybe he's just dramatic!

  4. Sorry to hear about your day. Sometimes I have days like that too, I just want to scream and cry at everything and everyone. I sympathize with you and the little one!


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