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Friday, January 15, 2010

Give Me Your Best Shot--Butterfly


This is a shot of Butterfly playing with my Nana's old fans.  She absolutely loved them at the funeral and almost cried when we had to leave them behind.  Luckily all my aunts and uncles were enamored with her and these fans that they sent one home with us.

This girl and her eyes, though!  The long, thick, dark lashes!  The exact match to Juice's color that changes from a light brown to golden brown to olive green and every color in between.  They are frequently dark with frustration, or alight with delight.  Between these beautiful eyes and her one deep dimple, I think we're going to have a run for our money when she's older!

Playing along with my good friend Lolli at Better in Bulk.



  1. I love that picture of Butterfly! You forgot to mention how big her brown eyes are! Love the fan, too!

  2. What an adorable picture! Too cute!

  3. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Great picture! Those eyes really are killer.


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