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Saturday, January 16, 2010



I've been working hard on the kids' year videos. You know, pictures and movies set to music. I just finished Butterfly's 3 year old video yesterday (yay!) and I realized that I have NO movies of her in it. Time to save up for a flip camera.

Juice went on a cleaning spree today. He vacuumed upstairs and down and decluttered our bedroom. I helped him with that one. It took us over 2 hours, 4 trips to the attic, and one really big bag of garbage but the floor is now decluttered. Next job, all the flat surfaces in there!

We finally pulled out all of our Little People that we put away to get ready for Christmas. I think the Christmas toys have been incorporated enough that we have the room for the rest of it. The kids are acting like it's Christmas all over again. Love it!

My parents got the boys some little door frames for Christmas and Juice has built them a little house area. It's so cute to see them ask each other to come in and cook and clean in there. Not so cute, the shoving out of the house. This is why we have two. Thanks Mom and Dad!

We all spent some much needed time at the park above our house this afternoon. It was 50 degrees today and none of us had coats on. We did have to drag Pirate into the house kicking and screaming though. That kid sure does love being outside!


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  1. Wasn't the weather gorgeous? Yay for cleaning and decluttering!


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