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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Learning from Others


Last week while we were in Utah, my nephew Cappy spent a lot of time with us. Cappy is only a few weeks older than my boys.

He was a ham with his faces he does on command and his little voice pipping around the house. He also gave me a few heart attacks by sliding down the stairs. His hands would slam on each step as he came down. It sounded like someone was falling down the stairs every time. My boys have long since given up sliding down the stairs backwards so it's not a sound I'm used to hearing.

One thing that I noticed while we were there was a sudden blossoming of Pirate and his words. It seemed like he only needed to be around Cappy for about 2 days and then he suddenly started chatting away. He's my boy that doesn't really talk much. At all. But now he says a ton of things!

Mommy (this was something they both learned from Cappy and it's so cute!)

This list may be small, but it's big for him. Also, he now has a constant stream of babble while he does stuff. It's very cute.

So thanks Cappy! Peer pressure is awesome!



  1. What did they call you before? Mother?

  2. Anytime my son can exert peer pressure (the good kind of course) on your kids, he'll be happy to oblige. He's a master of the craft, which of course, makes me worry about his future...


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