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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fridge Cleaning


Today after I had been attack by several bottles of half used bug spray that were fly off the top of my fridge, I figured I should clean it. Right then and there. There was obviously too much stuff! It took about a minute to dump it all off the top of the fridge. It took almost 2 hours to put it back on.

An added bonus of cleaning this off...we could look in that cupboard that is above the fridge. Hadn't seen that for awhile. Found a stash of baby bottles and some extra glasses and all my goblets. Huh...forgot those were there! Hopefully it won't be 2 years before I see them again.

I forgot to wipe it off once it was clear. Oops. There honestly isn't a whole lot left up there so I could probably do that another time. So what exactly was up there?

Dog stuff: nail clippers, flea/tick stuff, etc. That is all in it's own basket and needed very little cleaning.

Recipes: holy cow do I have a lot of recipes I've never used. I spent the majority of my time going through them and throwing out ones I will NEVER use and know it.

Candy: Halloween candy, candy from a parade in September, candy from Christmas. The kids had candy all afternoon and barely ate their dinner. But we have a lot less candy! Yay!

Address labels: if I live here the rest of my life and die when I'm 100, I will NEVER have to buy address labels again. I think I may go through them and keep the ones I like and throw out the rest but I didn't have time to do that today.

Movie Coupons: you know those movie things you can cut out from a cereal box and get free movies? I had 4 of them and enough coupons for 4 free movies. So I finally filled out the forms, addressed the envelopes and got them ready to mail. I may get my free movies sometime in the next 2 years. But hey, free movies!

Toys: toys that were broken and weren't getting fixed, toys that were in time out, toys we didn't want the kids to have. 6 beach balls, 4 things of bubbles, a kite, and various other stuff. We blew bubbles for awhile and after we stopped, Pirate cried around the house for an hour. "Bubbles! Buuubbles! Oh Bubbles!" I think he liked them.

I also found about 6 things of hand sanitizer, and 3 or 4 things of sun screen and of course, bug spray. Hopefully, now that I know where they are, I won't buy any in the spring and use up what we have!



  1. When I get a recipe I like, I submit it to an online recipe site - like cooks.com. Then I can always find it, and can toss the paper.

  2. Your boys loved the bubbles we blew today in nursery. Both had huge smiles.

  3. Guess I will have to buy bubbles for our next BBQ for the kids. Cleaning like that is always nice because you never know what you will find:-D

  4. That is so funny! Sometimes I experience the same thing on a scaled-down level when I clean out Evie's diaper bag and find a 3-6 month outfit (yeah, that hasn't fit in a year), a stale muffin in a baggie (what is that made of that it didn't mold?!) and register receipts, etc. Anyhow, Evie is the same way about bubbles, she's obsessed.


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