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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Reminders for Me


A list (I am good at making those!) to me about our little trip.

-Go to bed early!  When you have to be up by 3:30am, it's nice to go to bed around 9pm. 
-Do not stress that your only pair of winter church shoes ripped open on Sunday.  You can actually go to the store and buy things at a physical store.  The internet is not your friend when you have a close deadline.  Also, if you do not find something, realize that your mother has this week off and might love to go shoe shopping with you.  Possibly your Nana too.
-Do not stress that the only pair of jeans you own ALSO ripped.  (Juice got clothes for Christmas...maybe I should have asked for some too?)  Knees don't really feel cold, right?  Edited to add: Yes they do!  New jeans in my future.  See above for information about shopping.
-Do try to remember everything you need to remember.  It will be early when you leave.  Get everything ready tonight.
-Do not try to clean the entire house before you go.  You can leave the house messy.  You can clean when you get home.  Stop using your new steam cleaner for a few days.  The thing needs a break!  And you don't have to sanitize the house right now.
-Do try and finish the laundry today, however.  There is nothing good about mildew smelling clothes in your washer when you come home.
-Find time to give Juice a back rub.  He is using his vacation to shelp you and the kids across the country so you can spend time with your family and hasn't complained about it yet.  Nice guy.  Gold star for him.



  1. Remember if you forget something you can always buy it when you're there. Try not to stress about it too hard. Have a safe trip!

  2. Steam cleaner? Did you get one of those shark steamers? Does it really work? Good luck on your trip. I'm sorry it's for a sad reason but hopefully you have some time to have fun!

  3. I hope you are dozing off in bed right now. Have a great trip. We'll take good care of everything else for you!

  4. Have a safe trip. Will be praying for your safe travels and your family for your loss.


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