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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired Ears


This morning Professor woke up crying and cried straight for almost 2 hours. I was determined to take him to the doctor after we passed the hour two mark. But first I had to get everyone dressed and Butterfly needed breakfast.

Pirate was desperate to eat the left over mac and cheese (his favorite) while Butterfly was eating so I figured why not. I scooped him up a bowl and that made Professor scream louder. So I got him one too and carefully fed him 2 whole bowls of it. Standing up holding him. For almost an hour. My shoulders got very tired.

But once he got down, he was as happy as could be. Huh.

Maybe the kid is hungry? They are still nursing (and will be until they hit two) but he has totally dropped out all but his morning nursing session. Once a day is not enough to fill his little belly. He also is not the greatest eater, preferring to hand his food off to Pirate half way through the meal. Stinker.

He was good the rest of the day and had a big lunch too. Kids! Always keeping you on your toes!



  1. glad to read this as I've been stressed this week about my baby not getting enough breast milk during his feeds- granted I've been stressed so I think that's why
    but I've been worried about whether or not he's getting what he needs etc.
    it's just nice to know I'm in good company with these kids who keep me on my toes!

  2. Aunt Lisa9:48 AM

    He very well could be hungry. Looking back, we think that's part of why Bee tantrumed so badly when she was little. Maybe little meals and snacks every two or three hours is what he needs more than larger regular meals that he won't eat?


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