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Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost Forgot


I almost forgot to blog today day. (Or tonight as Butterfly would say. Every time the sun goes down it has to be to NIGHT because it is night. Of course.)

Anyway, Juice and I have been rocking out these past two nights. Last night till almost midnight and tonight a little earlier. We are tired. But we are having so much fun! I seriously can't wait to have my friends over to play rock band. It is it either addictive and fun or boring and no big deal. I remember reading on several different blogs who had Wii parties that they lurved guitar hero. And now I see why. This is so so much fun.

Today I went to the big red store for some alone time and got us a few essentials like diapers. Man we go through a lot of diapers. And cereal. I am asking Juice to make waffles tomorrow morning because we (him) eat a lot of cereal a day and maybe if we have some waffles he won't eat the cereal gone in two days. Maybe.

I spent a lot time talking to my Dad about my up coming trip to Utah. Yes, we are coming back to Utah in the summer. No details yet, but Dad and I are working them out.

I also talked to my bro and hooked up our Wiis. Now we have their little Mii family wandering around our Wii. So fun!

My arms are tired. I'm getting a blister on my finger from the drum sticks and how I hold them.

Pirate has a pretty bad cold. He is very miserable today. I spent a lot of time holding him and listening to him moan. After his 4 hour nap this afternoon, he perked up some. Enough to eat something (and pull a lot of faces) and go right back into bed. I think Professor has it too since he was pretty low key today. For him, that means he got into Butterfly's toys at least 5 times instead of 15, chase the dog only once, and pulled himself up onto his feet two times. That's a new one for him! He is going to be my sweet active into everything climber.

Butterfly has been extra whiny and tired lately too. I wonder if she is getting another cold on top of the one she currently has. I guess this serves us right for actually being really healthy until now this winter. Oh well.

K, back to rock band. No, bed...need to go to bed!



  1. Sorry about the blisters! I can't wait to come develop some of my own! Haha!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love meeting other Twin Mommies - we share a bond that no one else in their right minds could even imagine! Haha! (Of course then I look at my friends with triplets and they look at me and say, "don't even!")

    It sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas - and a lovely day of playing the Wii. My brother brought over his and we bowled all night long - it was great - now I understand all the fuss!

    I will be visiting you again - SITSta! :)


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