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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Day Inside


The boys are sick. Butterfly had this but it wasn't too bad. But the boys...oh the boys. Pirate was up every single hour last night coughing. He couldn't breath with his mouth closed which meant he couldn't suck his thumb. Which meant he cried all night long. I was up rocking, nursing, soothing for hours. And then whenever I would get Pirate comfortable enough to sleep, Professor would wake up and be upset that he wasn't being held. So he would scream and wake Pirate back up. Ugh. What a night.

Juice finally took pity on me about 5:30am this morning and sat in the bathroom with Pirate and the hot steamy water running full blast. Pirate seemed to do better after that and was able to eat some and slept until about 8am. Of course, Professor was up at 6:30am to eat (normal) and then up chatting in his crib around 7:15am (also normal). But it means I think I got about an hour of sleep at a time last night.

Needless to say, we did not go to church today. I was sad because this was going to be Butterfly's last Sunday in nursery. Next week she gets to move in with the big kids and be a Sunbeam. A Sunbeam! I can't believe it.

Once everyone went down for their afternoon nap, I totally crashed. I slept for a good two hours and woke up to Juice and all the kids downstairs. When I finally staggered down there, he and Butterfly had taken down all the ornaments off the tree and were packing Christmas up. Sigh...I missed putting it away. I knew we were going to put it away soon because Butterfly had been a little too friendly with the tree lately. Earlier today she was crawling around underneath it and broke a red ball. No big deal, we've got a ton of those things but I was sick of being worried about it so I told Juice we should take it down. So he did. Christmas is gone at my house and it's strangely sad.

I'm hoping the boys sleep better tonight so I can get some sleep too. Here's a Sunday Picture for you:

Maybe Christmas is not gone after all. :)



  1. Oh hello! We must be on at the same time! I published my comment and BOOM- a new post came up! That stinks that the boys are so sick! I am SO sorry! Makes me tired just reading about your night last night. May you get a better nights sleep tonight!

  2. It always makes me sad to take the Christmas things down, although it is very refreshing to have a little more space back in the family room. I hope everyone starts feeling better VERY soon!

  3. What's with all the sick kids? My girls have bad bad colds - coughing, runny nose, congestion, the works! I hope your boys feel better soon.

    Maddie sucked/still sucks her thumb and I have always found that when she has a cold the nights are worse for her than Katie for the reason you mentioned. When they were babies and she had a cold I remember sitting with her in the glider all night and getting zero sleep, too.

    Sounds like you got yourself a great husband in Juice! I love when Andy takes the girls and let's me sleep. Aaahh ...

  4. Sorry about the sick kids! Cute pic though!


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