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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Dreary Day


It's dark. Dark enough that I've had to use the lights all day long. And it's raining periodically. The sky is covered in dark clouds and I am feeling hermitish. Is hermitish a word? Can it be now? I have a few reasons for this new word.

1- It's getting increasingly difficult to get out with the kids by myself. I thought that it was supposed to get easier as they got older but it's not. They are bigger. They are heavier. Oh so much heavier. I can barely lift both of them at the same time. And since we live in a town house and do not have a garage, I do not feel comfortable about taking them one at a time out to the car. Silver lining: I do not have a ton of steps to walk up and down every time.

2- I miss snow. I miss seeing it. I miss playing in it. I miss smelling it. I wish we had snow and some good hills near our house to take the kids sledding and come home to hot chocolate and red faces. Silver lining: I do not have to worry about driving in snow weather.

3- I am missing my family a lot lately. It's this time of year that I miss them the most. I feel like I miss out on all the fun stuff they do together. I wish my kids could know their cousins and aunts and uncles and even more extended family better. I want to go do Christmas related things with them. I want to see my brother and sil sing at their many concerts. I want to play card games at Juice's mom's table with family jammed into every available spot. I want to have Christmas Eve dinner at my Nana's and have my parents enjoy my kids present carnage in person on Christmas morning. Silver lining: Our Christmases are much less hectic here. We really have time to enjoy our presents and don't have to rush off to a bunch of parties. Juice even has some time off so we're thinking of taking a major day trip somewhere that week.

I guess those are all my reasons. I think the key to getting over this is to do some fun things with Butterfly to get into our own family traditions. I would like to make cookies with her (and have all the stuff) and also cinnamon rolls (because she asked to). I would like to drag my family downtown and see the lights of the city, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do that and skip the boys' bed time. Maybe in a few years we can do that. At least I can get Chinese food on Christmas Eve watch A Christmas Story after everyone goes to bed.



  1. I'm sorry you're feeling shut in! I always start feeling that way right after Christmas.

    I think that doing some fun things with Butterfly will definitely help, and it WILL get easier with the boys, especially once they're mobile.

    Do you think I could get your cinnamon roll recipe from you? I've been looking for a really good one.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling hermitish. I miss snow too, but hardly ever had it, you can ask Juice about all that.

    I hate to be honest but I'm not sure if going places with the boys will ever get better until they are like 5. I had "twins" during daytime hours for 6 years before they went to school and it was always a nightmare to take them anywhere, sorry to be depressing.

    I hope you can find some fun things to do indoors.

  3. Sweets,

    We miss you too. You have been on our minds a lot as well. Mom and I were talking about our grandsons and how they would love to play together. C looks at the cousin picture every day and I tell him his cousins names. He loves it and wants me to do it over and over.

    Mom would say that they will have time this summer when you come and stay and that's true. This time of year, though....we miss you.

  4. I remember how it felt to be so far from home, especially during those special times of year. Just remember, they miss you as much as you miss them. And there will be a day when you are much closer. Sorry it's harder to get out with the kids now. Maybe once they start walking it'll get easier. (Which really isn't that far off, you know!) I hope your spirits improve soon. And if makes you feel any better, we don't have snow either!

  5. I miss family at this time of year, too, especially because every Christmas memory/tradition from my childhood revolved around extended family. I wish we had a car big enough for both of us to drive out to visit both of our families. I'd do it in a heartbeat. :) As far as the Chinese food goes, we went to your fav place last night with my sis. What a great deal!

  6. Yes, the rain today was very dreary!! But yesterday it was awesome- at least over here! I ventured out with Madi after the rain stopped and got in a nice hour long walk! It felt SO GOOD to get out! I've also been feeling "hermitish"! :) Anyway, I'll have to post some of the pictures I got- there was TONS of FOG!!! It was SO COOl!!! I was loving the warmer temperature too!! Madi and I need to stop by!! Maybe sometime next week???


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