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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Conversation With Butterfly


Here is the conversation I had with Butterfly this morning as she sat next to me and ate her sucker from Santa.

B: Is Christmas over?

Me: No, not yet. He hasn't come to our house yet or done presents for us.

B: But he came last night to church.

Me: That was so he would know what to bring you. Did you tell him what you wanted for Christmas?

B: No.

Me: That's okay. I think he'll bring you something nice.

B: Like a carriage?!

Me: A what?

B: A carriage. You know, like one you push a baby in?

Me: You already have one of those.

B: No, I want a different one.

Me: Oh. Well, you already have a stroller so maybe Santa will bring you something else.


B: We don't have Christmas day. We have Christmas time.

Hope your Christmas time is going well!



  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    hmmmm...butterfly wants another stroller? Like mother, like daughter! :) Cute picture with Santa!

  2. George has 3 strollers and it's still not enough! I too love Christmas Time.


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