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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our Tree


I've blogged about this before but our tree is old. (I first typed in very before the old but then I didn't want Juice feeling very old since this tree is as old as he is.) And for this being it's 29th Christmas, it's looking remarkably well. It's still full. The needles are not smashed or flat. It is a little rough around the edges, especially the top branch where the star goes, but all in all, it's beautiful.

I was thinking about it today while I was staring at it, that some of my ornaments have hung on this tree for over 10 years. I feel fairly attached to this tree and until it breaks or something, we may never get another.

We had a great time decorating the tree. I always put up our yearly ornaments first. This year, Butterfly picked out the little people barn. Juice got Wall-E, the boys got matching first Christmas Winnie the Pooh ornaments, and I got my 20th angel. I have been collecting them since I was 8 years old. It's the hallmark series that will never die. All 21 of them (they had a special one for 15 years and Juice got it) look great on the tree. They look so good next to all my animals and all of Juice's big fun ones. He has a dancing mickey, letter to Santa that talks, an ark that moves, and several others. I love pulling out the boxes and seeing all of these things again.

Butterfly moved her barn to 4 different places before I made her pick a place and stick with it. She then hung the boys and lost interest to the little people nativity that we have and only play with at this time of year. Juice and I spent the rest of the afternoon reminiscing over what was going on in our lives when we got each ornament. Butterfly hung two or three more. The boys were most interested in them. Professor was more interested in the tree skirt but Pirate really really wanted to hold/eat/slobber on the ornaments. Every time we walked by holding one, he would kick and smile and get all excited like we were coming for him to hold what we were holding. They both stared at the tree for a long moment when Juice turned the light on.

We decided this year not to put any presents under the tree because they (okay, Professor but Pirate may learn this month) are on the move and the tree is out in the open. We moved it from behind our couch like we had it last year. I like it better where it is. We will put the presents out Christmas Eve.

And taking a picture with two infants on a timer is really pretty silly but still, we did it. Christmas cards are mostly addressed so they will hopefully go out by this weekend. It's one of my better cards so I'm excited to show it off! Especially since my good friend Chef took all the pictures. I also have loads of extras since I could only buy either 50 or 100. 50 would not be enough, 100 is WAY more than I need. But I figure if worse comes to worse, I can always send them to doctors and dentists and people I don't normally send them to. I'll find a way to use them up. If you'd like one, please email me at safirecat {at} gmail [dot] com and one will find it's way to you.



  1. You look great in your timer shot! Timers have a way of making people smile. :) We tried taking a serious picture for fun and the kids couldn't do it! I can't wait to see your tree! I love looking at people's ornaments.

  2. We share some of the same ornaments! I got the barn this year because I couldn't NOT have it and I also have that super cool Ark. My kids are DYING to pull out the "Christmas Guys" because like you they only see them this time of year, even Fred is wondering if we can pull them out a couple of days early.

  3. PS--I went to bed last night thinking, "Oh! I forgot to comment on Pirate's adorable face staring at that ornament. " So now you know. I'm crazy.

  4. have similar Christmas ornaments -- the girls and I put ours up this week too.
    Love the family shot!

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    That pic of Pirate is priceless! Love it!


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