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Monday, December 29, 2008

Doctor Trip


The boys were up all night long again last night. I think Pirate finally slept deeply around 3am when Professor woke up screaming and yanking his ears so hard I thought he would pull them off. I crawled into bed with him and let him nurse/sleep on me until 7:30am when Butterfly got up. I put him down to do something for Butterfly, and he screamed so hard. I've never heard him scream like that. So. Off to the doctors almost positive they have ear infections.

Butterfly ate breakfast in the car after dressing herself (everything was on backwards, including her underwear) and she was very patient in the doctor's office. The nurses yelled at me for carrying both boys and not using a stroller. I am waspish when I am tired and I snapped back at them that their office was not exactly stroller friendly. Especially my huge double wide stroller. Besides, they just want to be held! What harm is there in that?

I did wow the doctor with my ability to hold all 4 hands and both heads at the same time so they wouldn't grab the ear checker. Ears look fine. Huh. He decided to swab their throats and noses and see what came up.

All cultures were negative. We were free to go with our snotty, sick boys. Just a cold. Dang, I was hoping for some sort of medicine to help them feel better. So we could all get some sleep!

We went out with my mom's group to the pizza/game place and Butterfly had a great time. I put Pirate in the sling on my front and Professor in the backpack on my back and wandered around with Butterfly playing games and cheering her on the rides. She had a great time playing with her friends. One of our members moved away and she was in town for the holidays so it was great to catch up with her and see her kids. We all had pizza together. It was great to get out with her and see some people and let her play. I think she was getting a little cooped up at home.

I come home (with both boys screaming and Butterfly whining that she was tired and couldn't walk and why can't I carry her?!?!) and the phone is ringing. I ran to get it and it was the doctor's office. Doctor on the phone. He asked several times if everything was all right because of the level of noise in the background. I said it was nap time and was there anything wrong? Yes, one of the cultures was miss read. The boys have RSV.

Ahh...the answer! What do we do for RSV? Nothing. Nothing? Seriously? Yep, nothing. And it can last up to a month. And it's highly contagious so we should probably keep them away from other babies and elderly people for awhile. I do have to make sure that it doesn't become worse as it can change into pneumonia pretty quick. Pirate has it bad. Every time he sneezes, gallons of snot come out of his poor little nose. If the snot turns green or they are wheezing or having a hard time breathing, I need to take them back. Lots of sleep, lots of fluids, and lots of nose sucking is all I can do. Ugh.

So sorry everyone at the pizza/game place for infecting you with RSV. Looks like I'll be home for awhile longer.



  1. Wow! What a nightmare!
    If you do not have a Vicks vaporizer, you should get one. You put water in the tank part and the liquid Vicks stuff in the spout part and then plug it in. Put it in the room where the boys sleep. It makes your whole house smell like Mentholatum, but it clears up stuffy chest and noses. The machine is only like ten dollars at Wal-Mart and the medicine is five. It is totally worth it.

  2. Oh man, RSV is brutal with one baby... I can't imagine it x2!

    "Little Noses" makes great saline drops for babies- they certainly make the booger suctioning easier.

    Good luck... hope the babes get feeling better soon.

  3. Like I said on the phone earlier, I am so sorry! It totally stinks. Hopefully you can have a few night-time escapes, so you don't go completely crazy. I hope those boys get better soon!

  4. If William is working any day this week late I can come over and give you 2 extra hands at least for a short time. Also I think that that nurse had no right to scold you like that. It was not her place and none of her business how you care for the children. You go girl.

  5. Wow! Do they drink from sippy cups yet? Cause with all the fluids they need this sounds like the right time to go that route! Good Luck, we'll keep you in our prayers over here.

  6. Oh my twin mommy friend, I feel for you. I hope those little ones get better soon - and definitely take up the offers of any friends who want to help!

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  7. I'm so sorry to hear that! Your poor little boys- I hope they feel better soon. And I hope you get lots of help and rest. If I lived closer I'd be there.

  8. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Oh my goodness, a month? I hope it isn't nearly that long for you. I had to laugh at your open apology to the pizza place...that's life, right? I'm so sorry the boys are sick; listening to Evie coughing when she had a cold was one of the most horrible parts of the past 3 months so I can imagine how you feel for them. (((Hugs)))

  9. Hope the twins get to feeling better & you can get some sleep. These are a couple of New Year prayers for you!!
    Have a blessed New Year!!

  10. oh im so sorry! I swear I think Brian has that too! can not elderly adults get it?? I guess HE would know! I hope the boys feel better soon!!! =)

  11. Ack! That's the one we're trying to avoid. I'm sorry the boys are sick. Keep an eye on their temps. I hope they're feeling better soon.

  12. Aww, I feel for you. One of my sons had RSV as an infant and it was tough. Give them extra hugs:)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I am so sorry that they are sick! My niece has RSV right now, too. I hope your boys both get feeling better soon.


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