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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Getting Out


Want a Wii Fit? So do I. Magpie Musings is giving one away. (Don't forget about my own giveaway here!) The rule is you are supposed to post an exercise story on your blog and then how a Wii Fit would change your life. So here is my story:

I have a very vibrant (read willful) 3 year old and almost 8 month old twin boys. I do not go to the gym because of the sheer magnitude of getting out of the house. When I do get out, it's an hour long preparation on my part to be anywhere near on time for anything. And that prep has to start after I get myself all ready. And if the boys are awake during that prep, forget it! I will be late and flustered and sweaty. Except now it's cold here and so I'm more icy than sweaty.

My timeline:
1 hour before: start packing diaper bag. Experts say to just keep the bag stocked and ready to go or stock it when you get home. I can never do that. I use stuff out of the bag during the day. So I have to wander around the house picking up things like my slings, toys, wipes, diapers, and snacks for the 3 year old. Most of the time she tries to help pack the bag and I get places and realize I've "forgotten" some of it. (She likes to be helpful and take them back out and put them away.) This step takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 depending on how helpful she is and how much stuff I need on any particular outing.

30 minutes before: decide on stroller. This can be tricky. Am I going to be doing a lot of quick in and out of the car? The car seat stroller would be better. Am I going to be doing a lot of walking? BOB might be best. Is it a small space? Then I better take the car seat stroller. Once I've decided on the stroller, I have to switch them out of the back of the van. Because I never seem to need one stroller over and over. I seem to flip flop between the two. So in heading out the door to the van (which is hopefully parked in the closest parking spot in our lot, still a good 20 feet away) my 3 year old decides she wants to come and help too! So I have to find her socks, fight with her to get them on (no I want to do it...tries...will you help me?...I help...no I want to do it myself...tries...will you help me? maddening!) She decides she wants to wear her boots after she has one shoe on and will not let me help her along. She can get her coat on but can't start the zipper. I have to start only the first 2 or 3 teeth so she can zip the rest up. Crying and pouting will ensue if you zip more than you're allowed. I throw shoes and my coat on and lug BOB out to the van. BOB weights around 23 lbs so it's quite a load. This takes at least 15 minutes.

15 minutes before: get the boys ready. In the summer, it was easy to snap them into their car seats in minutes and go. Now that it's freezing cold here, they have to have coats on. Someone always needs a diaper change. Sometimes they need a whole outfit change. They both need to be stuffed into their coats. I put Pirate's hat on at least 3 times between now and walking out the door because he has learned to take it off and thinks it's funny. Coats on, in car seats, all set. Whew. I might be on time. I look around for the three year old and find that she has taken off every article of clothing from the waist down and her coat because she had to go potty and it's hot. Round up her scattered clothes, fight with her to put them on, and get yelled at for forgetting her mittens.

15 minutes after we were supposed to leave: finally start to walk out the door. One or both of the boys have been crying because it's hot in their coats in the house but outside they are fine. Haul both of them (over 17lbs now) and their car seats (which weigh around 5 lbs each), one in each hand, to the van. Consider doing a few arm curls with them to strengthen my arms and decide against it. Have you lifted those things? They are heavy!

Help all three kids into the car. Wrestle with the 3 year old's straps and finally get her buckled in. Realize I've forgotten the diaper bag. Mad dash back to the house, pick up the bag and run back to the van. Realize both the boys have pulled their hats around so they can't see and are screaming. Fix that. Give 3 year old a crayon or whatever toy she wants and take off her mittens. Put them back on because she is cold. She takes them off, and cries. I finally give up and we are headed out.

In the coarse of getting ready, I have lifted close to 75 lbs (total), walked at least half a mile, and have ice sweat running off my forehead. There is no way I am going to the gym to get all sweaty and tired and then have to do this again to get home.

How could a Wii Fit change my life? I wouldn't have to do this to get to the gym. Which means I might actually exercise. And then my arms might actually be strong enough to start carrying the boys everywhere without the car seats. That is coming up soon.

Help me Magpie. I'm facing a long winter inside with 3 very small people. I need some yoga to help me deal with it.


PS- Want to know about my twins group? Go here and click on "Multiples Support Groups" on the right hand menu. It's about 2 minutes long. I'm not in it, but it's a glimpse into what my life is going to be like next year with twin toddlers.

PS- Want to hear my boys mentioned in a food podcast? Go here. We are mentioned about half way in. And honestly, their expert didn't say anything I didn't know before. So yay, things are going well! The boys now LOVE their solid food and I'm glad I stopped and started again when they were a little older.


  1. That is so fun! :) I would love a Wii but sadly my dear husband would not let it in the house. I hope you win it!

  2. I can see how you might need one!

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Sounds like you're actually getting a workout getting out of the door! :) Wiis are fun, we have the wii fit, but I still prefer yoga without it, personally. Hope you win, though! There are fun games you can play with the kids later on, too.

  4. It would be funnier if it wasn't so true. Good luck. *hugs*


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