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Monday, December 08, 2008

A Day


Today was a day. An okay day. The kids did beautifully today. The boys were so cute and happy and even napped for almost 3 and over 3 for their morning nap, and just under 2 for their afternoon nap. Butterfly even napped for 3 hours this afternoon. (Only about 20 minutes of that overlapped. I need to remember that the boys sleep for less time in the afternoon and put Butterfly down ASAP instead of playing with her.) The boys played happily together in their crib and when I went to go get them this afternoon, they were looking at each other and giggling. Very cute.

We even went to the toy store to pick up a birthday present for a friend and there was no crying, no whining. The boys ate twice as much food tonight and went down with only a slight fuss. Butterfly has been pleasant all evening. An all around okay kid day.

But Mommy feels like she is in a funk. Cross and crabby me. No specific reasons, just one of those days.

That and someone came to my door selling half a cow and a free freezer along with it and I'm put out I can't afford it because I really want to.

Oh, and the dog is sick. Or at least throwing up so I had to clean that one up. At least it was in the kitchen so it was an easier clean up.

And I had to tell my friends no to a shopping trip because of said dog throw up.

So this is me being in a funk.



  1. Wow. I had one of those funk days, too. I had to dismiss FHE tonight and send everyone to bed early because I just couldn't handle anymore. D is leaving at 5:00 tomorrow morning for another business trip. If you need a night out and away, please come over! I need to make some scrapbooky cards. Hope Soot does better tomorrow. Glad the kids were good for you, at least.

  2. Yuck! I hate those days because you can't even enjoy all the good things that happened. :( On a much happier note we got your Christmas card and it's so cute, George was excited the computer girl sent her a card with her babies' picture too!

  3. I'm still trying to process the fact that someone came to your door selling half a cow. Holy.....well, you know.

    I'm sorry you were having a funk-y day. *hugs*

  4. I love a good day!!!!

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM

    yep, dog vomit keeping a person from a shopping trip is definitely funk-worthy. Hope tomorrow is better and they guy comes back and gives you the cow for free! :)


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