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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh My Arms!


So the boys are no better nor are they worse. So I suppose we are kind of in a holding time. Pirate coughs and coughs and coughs. I am glad we are not near my SIL Splats because I would hate to infect her babies with this. It really is pretty horrible.

Here's a contrasting baby moment for you. Professor is so sunny. He is still happy and active and getting into trouble even through his fever and coughing and snotty nose. Pirate, on the other hand, is miserable. Truly, to look at his face you can see misery. His eyes are red, his nose is red, his ears are red. He stares at me slack jawed most of the day. He has a lot of opportunity to stare at me lately because he has been in my arms basically all day. He screams once when put down, and then has a huge coughing fit until I pick him back up. Poor kid. And poor me. My arms and shoulders are very sore. He weighs about 17 lbs so to carry him around all the time is hard. (He will not sit still in the sling unless I am standing.)

Luckily, Juice came home early today because there was just nothing for him to do at work. He took the vacation and we have been loving having him home. I was able to go run some errands by myself! It was great. We were able to go for a walk while everyone was home and it was still light. The weather was beautiful today and I figured the boys could use the fresh air. They are sleeping soundly at the moment so hopefully that will last all night long.

Because last night it didn't. Oh they slept fine until about 2am. Pirate woke up coughing and coughing so I went in to suck out his nose in hopes that he would be able to nurse and go back to sleep. Suction provided some relief but he wanted nothing to do with me. So. I sat with him in the rocking chair in their room until about 5:45am. He slept a little more after that but not much. Poor kid.

I've done my errands today. I'm going to go quickly sweep and mop the kitchen floor. And then I'm going to play rock band! Yay!



  1. I don't have Rock Band yet, should I invest in it? You do have Raving Rabbids right? It is totally your kind of game, well at least Juice's.

  2. Poor kids. I can sympathize with you on the aching arms. Interesting to hear how the boys are reacting differently to their misery. Get better soon!

  3. I'm sorry they're sick! That's a real bummer. In fact there's probably nothing worse than 2 sick babies...just don't get sick yourself!

  4. Raving Rabbids 3 uses the wii fit board!!(Sorry, I'm a little too excited.)

    I'm glad your boys are doing OK (if not super great). I wish I could do something to help you. It was fun to listen to Bear and Butterfly chat the other day ;)

    And you know you're more than welcome to live by me....just as soon as this rsv thing has gone bye-bye.

    Love you guys - hope your whole family is feeling better soon. *hugs*


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