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Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Quick!


Today has been on lazy day followed up by go go go go fast fast fast fast. Since Butterfly's mild sneezing has turned into a huge watery sniffly mass, I decided we needed some quiet days at home. Much to my dismay. Not that I had anything planned at all. But I'm noticing as it gets colder and the boys get bigger I'm going out less and less. It's just too hard to do things by myself anymore.

I was brave and went to the post office. And only because I had Netflix movies that needed to go out so I could get new ones. And I had a few other packages to send off. The post office was a nightmare with the crush of disgruntled postal patrons and my hyper bouncing off the wall trying to move her brothers which means she almost tips them over because she can't move them preschooler and me....trying to address these envelopes and not put her in a box and ship her to grandma's in the process. But if anyone is getting shipped to grandma's it would be me. And the boys because they kind of need me to eat. And then we may as all go to grandma's. Sigh...missing family a lot this year.

One fun thing happened at the post office! Butterfly was chatting away as I was trying to get into the building and I suddenly started paying attention because she kept saying, p p p p. Wait, bathroom trip? Nope, she was pointing out the letters on the building so she names them off: P-O-S-T. She wanted to know what that said. I asked her what she thought it said. She says, "Puh, ooo, sss, tuh. Puh ooo st. Oh! Post! That says post!" One smart cookie!

She took a 3 hour nap, along with the boys, when we got home. Lala, Vinny's mom, came over to use my washing machine because her apartment complex machines were broken down. Again. We had a good time learning more about each other's pasts and talking about boys and marriage and old boyfriends, etc. We also watched a Christmas Story because she had never seen it. It was a fun afternoon.

Then I was able to get dinner going, bounced and played with cranky babies and got them fed while Juice was coming home. We then rushed through dinner, shoved the boys into their winter coats (much to their dismay...they wanted nursing and bed time) and rushed out the door to see this.

Isn't it beautiful? It was so bitterly cold outside though. We met up with some friends from my play group and saw the concert they had tonight. It was a singing ensemble. And man, the instrument guy really got into it. Butterfly and her friend played more with the seats than watched the show but they're three. We then walked over to see the live nativity and a few of the lights. I tried to get a family picture for them but the little girl wouldn't cooperate. So they took a family picture for us.

Not that you can see all the family members. It was so cold and the boys were asleep. I wish I could have gotten one when they were awake but no such luck. Juice was great and loaded all the kids into the car and let me run around with my camera to get a few shots.

A good evening but now I'm exhausted. See you tomorrow!



  1. Nice temple pics! I'm glad you were able to go see the concert tonight. I am looking forward to going to a few more. (cross my fingers) Way to go, Butterfly, with sounding out Post!

  2. yeah to sounding out POST! thats awesome! Smartypants! Im sad i still havent seen the temple lights! Dang! They look pretty though! I do miss DC!!!

  3. What a smart girl you have there! Awsome picture!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and entering my 100th post contest!
    Cute kiddos :)


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