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Friday, December 12, 2008

Today, today.


Today was one of those days I dreaded and knew would happen when we were pregnant with twins. Both boys were very needy. Both boys were very tired. Both boys only wanted Mommy. It was very tiring. I think Pirate is teething big time because he is drooling and unhappy. Professor is a might constipated from all this new solid food stuff and so he's uncomfortable and wants Mommy. While I'm happy to sit around and hold them all day, they didn't just want to be held. They wanted to get down and play, but then they were down so they screamed. But then they were being held and wanted down. It was a no win situation this morning.

Luckily Juice came home early from work and I let the boys scream it out for a nap. They slept for close to 3 hours. And woke up somewhat happy.

We had our old neighbors over for dinner and games tonight so that was fun. But Pirate screamed for a good hour going to bed. Poor kid. Oh, I forgot to mention that Professor slept with me from about midnight till 3 am and then Pirate joined me around 4 am till about 8 am. Mommy did not sleep well because of that and was a little cross this morning. I enjoyed having our old neighbors out to distract/help/enjoy my kids and we had a nice time.



  1. Sounds like a mess. I hope tomorrow is better. And I wish you a good night sleep!

  2. I hope you sleep better tonight, too! You poor thing.


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