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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Apparently this is my limit


I can write for 31 days before I run out of something to say. Because that's what has happened today. Still, even now, nothing comes to mind. So one boring day to day list today.

We visited Vinny at his house today. It surprised me that Butterfly is taller than Vinny. He's almost 2 years older than her. I guess her size shouldn't surprise me much but it does. Both Juice and I are 6 feet or taller so really she has no choice but to be tall.

We then went to the mall to return some shoes I bought online. I don't know why I insist on buying shoes online. I always end up returning them at least 3 times before I get the fit right.

Naps were short and smelly due to a diaper blow out that I (thankfully) caught before the boys decided to play in it. Butterfly, on the other hand, napped too long and woke up cross. We had a big fight about putting her pajamas on tonight. She kept telling me she wanted a time out. She got as many as she wanted. And the last time out, she said, "But I really didn't want a time out!" I am desperately trying to understand her circular logic and not be frustrated with it.

Totally off topic but here is a cute story from yesterday. As I was trying to get through my email (which I did!), Butterfly said, "Ew. Gross." That is my clue for someone has spit up. I glance at the boys to find Pirate painting Professor's hair with it. His face was in deadly serious wonder of "what would happen if I put some here". An exclamation from me brought their attention to me and I noticed that Pirate had had those wondering thoughts all over Professor's face. Pirate is going to be my thinker. He is going to think things up, tell them to Professor, who is going to do them. And get caught. And then bawl because he got caught all the while it was really Pirate's idea and he really should be in trouble too.

We had left over pizza for dinner (boring) and I watched An Ideal Husband which I had never seen before. Through the whole movie I kept picturing Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings and I couldn't get into it because of that. Still, it was good. I am loving Netflix and I have maxed out my list of movies. Did you know that you can only have 500 on there? Me either. At this rate, I will not be able to add another movie on there for at least a year. Longer. Apparently I've been out of the movie scene for awhile. Probably since Butterfly was born. I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theater was. I do remember it was me and Juice and one other guy who smoked through it. In a non-smoking theater! Juice complained, nothing happened. Kind of ruined the movie for me because obviously I don't remember what it was. One movie I would love to see is Twilight.

Hey look, I get going and I do have something to say.



  1. Yes, you always have something to say, even when you don't think you do. Cute story about the boys and the spit up in the hair.

  2. Eh,sadly you're not missing much in Twilight. Even sadder is that they signed up the same director for New Moon. I don't mind a list of your day it makes mine seem more normal. I think Butterfly is nearly the same size as my 7 year old, I'm not even joking, she dwarfs my 4 year old for sure. :)

  3. How tall is Butterfly? I am wondering because people are constantly telling me how TALL Georgia is and I don't really think so. She's 3 and 41".

    I liked the Twilight books, didn't love them. They were almost great, but something is missing?!

    I probably will wait for the movie to show up on cable.

  4. I can just see Pirate and Professor a few years down the road, both covered in flour with big grins on their faces. And you won't have to guess whose idea it was.


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