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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A String Of Days


It must be me because I've been having a string of hard days lately.  Today started out nice with Juice home and entertaining Butterfly instead of her jumping all over me.  So I got to lie in bed for just a moment longer.  That moment didn't last as I remembered that we had a birthday party to go to this morning and I had to make sure that the boys napped on time.  (Juice was going to help someone move so he couldn't watch the boys.)

Of course, the boys did not nap on time.  Oh I tried.  They talked and babbled and shuffled in bed while I ran around the house getting everything ready.  Butterfly was a gem and very helpful.  I didn't hear the boys about 10 minutes before we had to go and sure enough, they had just fallen asleep.  They were side by side in the crib with their arms linked facing each other.  For how dissimilar they are, they sure do love to be next to each other and doing whatever the other one is doing.

So now I'm headed out the door with two tired and whiny boys and Butterfly to the party.  It started out great.  And then I noticed where Butterfly was sitting there was a puddle.  Uh oh.  When I went over to see what happened, she simply said, "I peed."  She went back to decorating a bag.  Boy she got in trouble.  Everyone was great about it at the party but we left.  I can't have her not caring that she peed somewhere.  Arg!  I was mad. 

On the way home I did see a bald eagle over my house!  (Totally unrelated I know.)

After we got Butterfly cleaned up and I went for a walk looking for that bald eagle to take a picture of, she asked to go back to the party.  I figured she had been punished enough so we called to make sure it was still going on.  We went back (without the boys, they napped for Juice for about 3 hours) and had a nice time.

Home, naps all around and dinner.  I just got back from grocery shopping by myself.  So although this day had it's low and high points, it ended fine.

Maybe this is why I shouldn't write every day in December.  I do remember my last December being much the same.  But no one else has to remember it if I don't post it.  Sigh...



  1. So sorry you've been having a string of rough days. Winter is tough with little kids.
    Hey, Al fell asleep on our way to a party tonight and had an accident in his car seat. He got to sit in the bathroom upstairs while I rinsed and dried his clothes. He didn't even complain about being left out of all the fun for 20 minutes.
    I can't believe you found a bald eagle!!

  2. PS--I used to always stop writing in my journal when I was going through a bad time. I didn't want to relive it. So I get what you're saying. But I like reading your blog everyday! Today was the first day that I had to THINK of something to say.

  3. I think December is full of highs and lows all around! I'm glad to hear you got to have some fun with butterfly minus the boys :)

    Okay I really hate it when my mom does this but the word verification is ducks, which is totally perfect for your husband.

  4. K has had some uncharacteristic accidents as of late too. Like you, I was not happy. In fact, last time I made her strip down out of the wet clothes (at the park) and then headed to the car. Looks like Laura's boy also had a mishap. So all I can say is that you are in good company. Yours isn't the only child who seems to have lost her hold on her bladder lately!

  5. Yes, did you like my attempt to write 30 post/30 days in DECEMBER??? HA! Oh well maybe for the new year! :) Good Luck and then you will have a great record of the happenings. :)


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