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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Want to Enter Another Contest?


Can you tell what I've been doing online lately? I've been entering contests. I never win anything but it's kind of fun to think about what to do with the things I never win. (I have also been scanning etsy for all sorts of homemade things. Like an apron! Or soap! Cute things!)

Anyway, I thought I'd pass along another contest for you all to enter. My friend Mommy Knows is having a 25 dollar itunes gift card. Check out her contest HERE and be sure to enter! (If you want one, that is. Don't enter if you don't want one. Better yet, do enter and then give your winnings to me.) And don't forget to wish her happy birthday. December seems to be a popular month for birthdays.

Today has been very low key. The boys took 3 naps. I hope they are not getting sick because it sounds like Butterfly is coming down with something. She keeps telling me she is tired and she has a low fever that comes and goes. Both Juice and I were able to get a nap today too.

Juice also took Butterfly on a few errands with him today. He then took her on a special daddy-daughter lunch. She loved it. It was nice for her to have some time with just Daddy. One on one. And it was nice for me to have an afternoon with the boys. They also slept for an odd nap so I spent my afternoon surfing the web.

While Juice and everyone else slept after they got home, I also went out for a walk and got the mail.

We had omelets for dinner.

That's it. There isn't any more.



  1. Low key days are nice. I hope the kids aren't getting sick! See you tomorrow (hopefully!)

  2. Anonymous1:51 AM

    That's a great giveaway! I'm afraid I won't remember to check back, though. Isn't it great when dads take kids on errands? That's how I got Evie's 3 month post finished this afternoon :)


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