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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Finally Found the Reason


I got a Christmas card the other day from a friend I have not talked to in probably 3 years. Oh, we send Christmas cards every year and occasionally I see she looks through my pictures I used to do monthly (bad me...haven't done it in over a year probably). I knew through some mutual friends what was sort of going on in her life. But the last update I had was probably March of this year.

This year, I got my annual Christmas card from her and it said from her, her younger daughter, and another person. A boy's name. Who is this boy? I knew her older daughter (19) was pregnant...did she have a boy and now Friend is raising it? That was my original assumption. But I was thinking about her all day today and it occurred to me that Friend may have gotten remarried. How wonderful for her! But now I'm stuck as to who this Boy is and how he is related, if at all.

Now I suppose in the grand scheme of things, not knowing who this Boy is won't kill me. But I still wonder. I have now realized the reason for all of those Christmas letters. If she had sent one, I would have known who this Boy is. Or even if she had an arrow and a sentence explaining who Boy is, I would have been happier.

There really is a valid reason for these yearly notes. Who knew?


PS- Both boys sick now. Juice put a ton of vapor rub on them before bed to help them (hopefully) breath a little easier tonight. As I was just putting them down for bed, my eyes were watering with all the vapors going on between them. I hope they sleep well! Last night was rough.


  1. I agree that Christmas cards are so nice for keeping track of how everyone is doing. It's always frustrating to me when I get a card with no update. :) I still have 200 pictures and no idea what to do with them. :(

  2. Did you guys continue playing after I left, or did you head to bed? I left you an award on my blog. A little like a tag, but hey--it's kind of fun!

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I hope your children feel better sooon. I love getting Christmas cards. I enjoy the Christmas letters even if I don't send one out (I just do cards).

    (I just popped over from SITS to say hello.)

  4. I love Christmas letters! And I hope your kids are feeling better soon!

  5. I don't know about the whole letter thing. Hmmm ... it's hard to write one without sounding all "me, me, me." I've tried and could never find the right balance! :)

    Let us know when you solve the Case of the Mysterious Boy (sounds like a Nancy Drew book - loved those!).

  6. OH - hope the little ones are feeling better - one of our girls had a fever last night, but she seems to be fine now - thanks goodness. :)

  7. Hey! So thanks for the comments on my blog! I didn't see you at church today- but then I NEVER see anyone. I'm assuming you were home with sick babies. Hope the boys are feeling better soon. Thanks for the New Years Eve invite! Unfortunately we already have plans. Bummer!! Are you going to be playing some Wii?!? Sounds like you're having TONS of fun with it!!! :) Have fun without us!

  8. oh my ggosh! you crack me UP!


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