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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve


Today has been very low key. Juice is home and has been a huge help playing with the kids and cleaning the house a little. I spent all morning covered in flour and creating a huge sticky mess in the kitchen. But I made cinnamon rolls and they turned out wonderfully! I have 4 pans so I'll keep one and deliver the rest to friends later on this evening. The original recipe makes 7 pans, but I kept out a handful of dough to make dinner rolls out of for tomorrow. I don't think the original recipe is right, because a handful can't make more than one more pan. In any case, they will be good tomorrow.

The boys were SO CUTE today during their nap. Apparently Professor was crawling on Pirate's head so Juice put them in separate cribs. (I was out walking the dog.) When I came home, they discovered they can see each other through the slats and had a huge giggle fest playing peek a boo with each other. It is so so cute. Who knew twins would be this much fun?! Juice took a video of it but it's very dark. I may or may not post it later.

Tonight is going to be filled with Chinese food and movies in the living room. We are also going to read the Christmas story out of Luke and put everyone to bed early. That includes us parents. We had a great time last night wrapping presents. Juice kept shaking his head at me because I kept pulling things out of the closet that I bought months ago. And I switched a few things around. Apparently I bought two different things for stocking stuffers for the boys. I split one thing up and wrapped it in boxes so they can give something to each other. Butterfly got one present each from the boys since I found other things I had bought her.

I am thinking it's a lot harder to orchestrate Christmas when you have a lot of little kids.



  1. Here's my secret, don't tell my kids. I have a paper hanging in my closet, it has a pen on a ribbon hanging next to it. The paper is split into 3 columns. I write what I've bought (the cost) and where it's hidden at on the paper so I don't lose things and can keep track of all of it. Even though Fred & Jr are rather nosy and can read they haven't found it...yet :)

  2. Nice that CE has been low key and nice. Yay for the cinnamon rolls! :)

    Valinda--great tip!


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