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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Half My Life


I'm 28 years old. If you divide that in half you get 14. And if you get 14, you get this:

14 years ago I met Juice. You can read about that night here. You can also read about our first date here. Well, the first installment of that night.

Here's another story of us in high school. I think I was 16 but I'm not sure. It was fall of that year, Halloween time to be exact. We were going with a bunch of friends to the haunted forest at a local farm. It was kind of silly. They hung little electric shock wires from the trees and had you walk through a lot of little zaps.

I don't remember who came. I do remember hanging onto Juice's arm all night long and often burying my head into his back because I absolutely hate haunted houses. This was a good way to be able to hang on to a guy, though so it wasn't all that unpleasant. It was also not unpleasant for Juice, he says. I remember walking down a long tunnel and getting more and more nervous with every step. I was holding Juice's hand and walking behind him. He yelled out "ouch!" all of a sudden and I think I jumped a mile backwards. He had to come and get me and tell me he hit his head on the ceiling, that it was an optical illusion and nothing bad was going to happen. We had to crawl through a tiny door at the end of the hall. That's as much as I remember in the haunted house.

The best part about the evening was the car ride there. Juice's friend Max was driving and Juice was in the passenger seat. I was behind Juice, and I think there were 2 other people in the car but I can't remember. I do remember Juice and I playing peek-a-boo over the seat and noticing for the first time that he has some great green/hazel eyes that night. Juice and I had a great time flirting over the seat like this. His friend Max was horrified though. He thought it was absurd that an adult would play peek-a-boo with another adult. That moment in the car is one of my strongest memories of Juice in high school though. For him too.

So now I've known Juice half my life. And we still have fun together, like that night in the car. I still love to hold his hand and we still like to play games together. (Current game: rock band where Juice got a 695 note streak on a song...time to make it a little harder huh?)

Can't wait to see what the next 14 years brings! I'll be...42. Butterfly will be 17 and the boys will be 14. Wow.

Happy New Year!



  1. What a sweet story! I love high school sweetheart tales.

    Andy and I started dating on February 5, 2002 and were engaged on June 6, 2002. I will have to be 58 until I've known him half my life! :)

    (Why am I still up at 1:30am???)

  2. How sweet! Love seeing to older pictures too!

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    This post just made me think (as you said): wow. Wow about 14 years ago (love the pictures) and how well you remember it! Wow about the idea of 14 years in the future and Butterfly being 17. Yikes.

  4. Wow! That all brought back memories for me, Haha! I read back on the first night you met Juice and I can't help but laugh at how silly we all were back then. Because of you, I was an advid journal keeper and I thank you for that. Love ya!


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