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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Day Did Not Go As Planned


Juice and I had decided we were going to go to the DC Temple tonight and see the Christmas lights. It's something we did for Butterfly's first Christmas and I'd like to repeat that for the boys. We have a picture of Butterfly all decked out in her snow suit sitting on a huge pile of snow with the lights in the background. I'd like a similar one for the boys, although probably without the snow this year.

Anyway, Butterfly was exceptionally petulant this morning. She kept moaning that she was tired and she even looked it. She has been eating me out of house and home lately so I thought she was growing and just tired. She insisted on going to the mall today. So we ran over there for some lunch and a chance to play on the cool light game. (See it here.) We had lunch and she barely ate anything but drank all of her lemonade. I noticed her lagging more and more as she was playing the game so I hauled her home. She ate some of her lunch in the car and most of it at home while I put the boys down. She went into her bed for nap with no fuss looking even more tired.

About 10 minutes later, I heard coughing and "Mommy!" Uh oh. She had thrown up all over her bed (that I had just made) and was continuing to throw up when I got there. I figured damage done, let her finish and put her in the bathroom. A drink, a little more, some clean clothes and blankets and she was back in bed. With a bowl this time. I rinsed out her sheets, threw them in the wash and went up to get the boys who were crying. I fed them, got them changed, and got Butterfly up from her nap since she was not sleeping.

I let her watch Beauty and the Beast for the first time since I figured we were not going anywhere. She loved it. The boys played on the floor and with me for awhile.

Pirate is moving forward! He has been rocking on his hands and legs for a long time, whining that he can't go anywhere. Well now he does! He does not army crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees, rocks his back legs up to his hands, and then puts his hands forward. He looks like a little frog jumping from place to place. He is MUCH happier now, and is able to follow Professor towards the kitchen. Now they both try to chase me around the house. This is going to get fun really fast.

Another word about Pirate. He sobs whenever I leave the room. Absolutely breaks down with a huge sad face and big wet tears. It's heart breaking. Professor does this too but only if he's hungry or wants to be held. Pirate does it every time he notices me move from place to place. He also gives hugs when you pick him up. He grabs your arm in one arm, your neck in the other, and cements his body into yours for a moment. Then he looks at you smiling. So sweet. Professor is also hugging but will put his head on your chest, and then look up at you smiling. So sweet!

Butterfly had an exciting dinner of banana, bread, ginger ale and water. Oh, and a Popsicle for sick kids that has been in our freezer at least 18 months. She seemed to like it. She also asked for a bite of Juice's banger (we had bangers and mash for dinner, basically sausage and mashed potatoes with gravy) and no other instances of tummy trouble. She has a low fever this evening, and 2 very very bright red cheeks. She went to bed early and was asleep almost instantly after her story. The boys are fine. They had butternut squash and cereal for dinner tonight and went right to bed as well.

Juice and I took the time we have with an unexpected free evening to clean out the toys and do the semi annual toy removal. We have half a trash bag full of toys to toss. Broken toys, annoying toys, toys with batteries that have ran down and can't be replaced easily, fast food toys that are stupid. We also have a big bin of toys to be put away for another day. We will put those in the attic with the other toys that came out of the rotation. Some of those toys are getting out for the boys' Christmas.

I feel okay and Juice does fine. We are both pretty tired (up late last night talking about high school and people we knew. Hi people! We were thinking of you!) and I feel a little off but nothing huge. I really hope that this goes by fast since I have my book club meeting here this week and I don't want to miss it and have to change it!

So. I've had one busy day. I hope tomorrow is less exciting. We plan on doing nothing.



  1. So sorry! I've heard it's going around. I hope it doesn't come around here. ;) And I hope tomorrow's nicer for you.

  2. Oh no, poor little butterfly!

    Georgia woke up a couple of mornings ago covered in dried puke -- UGH! Poor thing didn't cry or wake us up. She had a couple of quiet off days and that was it. Very strange, I kept waiting for major sickness but nothing!

    Hope tomorrow is uneventful.

  3. ugh, so sorry! I hope Butterfly feels better soon and that no one else gets it.

  4. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Wow, you have had a string of bad days! I'll have to remember this next year...Decembers can be rough. Sorry about Butterfly, hope she is better soon and the rest of you don't get sick.


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