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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve


I remember counting down to Christmas several years in a row with the eves in my journal. So 5 days before Christmas I would write at the top of the page, Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve. I thought it got a little too excessive when I was counting down the entire month when I was about 14. I then just stuck with the numbers. (Of course, I now rarely right in my journal at all so the count down doesn't happen. Want to know the last time I wrote in my journal? The day before the boys were born. An entry full of doubt, fear, and end of pregnancy done-ness. Maybe I should update that...)

Anyway, today has been a nice day. The boys were calm and took long naps. Butterfly watched movies and bounced around with the boys a little. She has a cold and has wiped her nose so much she's made it raw. She tells me, "Mommy, there is something under my nose. And it won't come off. Can you wipe it off please?" Poor little girl. No one else has it. Yet.

Both boys ate a ton of dinner (apples...mmm....). Butterfly had some applesauce too and two tacos. I was able to sweep the floor today and made out the menu for Christmas day. Just a reminder to myself as to what we are having to eat that day so I know what to cook. Want to hear it? No? Skip the next paragraph then.

Cinnamon rolls, sausage, juice
Lunch: Mac and Cheese (boring, I know) and oranges.
Dinner: Ham, parsley potatoes, frozen veggies, dinner rolls, salad, and cranberry fluff for desert.

The cinnamon rolls I will make tomorrow so that will be all done for when we decide to eat. Knowing Juice, this will be as soon as we get down stairs. No opening presents for him until after breakfast. He says it's because he's hungry and doesn't do well without food. I counter with the fact that he takes his breakfast to work with him every single day to eat at his desk so he can obviously operate heavy machinery without any food just fine. Looking at a few presents before we eat won't kill him. Sheesh.

Lunch is easy on me so I don't have to think about it or cook anything big. That way I can focus on the day and dinner. I may make the cranberry fluff tomorrow too...depends on the day.

Butterfly was so cute this evening. She helped pick out the boys' presents from her and helped wrap them up. She gave them all of her old balls with toys inside them. I believe they are called roller rounds from Fisher Price. She decided who got what ball and wrote out the tags. She picked out the bows and is so excited to give them their very own presents! The boys are giving her a chocolate tree that she kept looking at in a catalogue. Originally I bought it for her stocking but I have other things to give her so they can give her that. I am going to go upstairs now and go through all the presents to see if maybe I have something that each of the boys can give her. Probably do.



  1. I've done the Christmas Eve Eve....too. Now, K won't let me call tomorrow Christmas Eve because the 24th is her BIRTHDAY, NOT Christmas Eve. So funny.

  2. Christmas Eve Eve is really Christmas Adam cause Adam came before Eve ya know. ;) I think I should come to your house for breakfast on Christmas that sounds yummy! I guess I'll have to do something similar out here and save all the $$$ on the last minute plane ticket :) - Valinda not rdhdsm

  3. Hi there,
    popping over from SITS...thanks for stopping by my blog. You are a very good writer.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas. What a beautiful family you have.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :).


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