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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Aftermath


Today's weather: sunny and warm enough to start the icicles dripping. No flying snow in sight, unless you count all my neighbors digging out their cars and their sidewalks. We even did that a little bit today too. Although there was very little to shovel since we'd been doing it through the storm.

Juice worked from home today. I wish when he worked from home that he could play with us but sadly, that's not the case. He did take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood while I was getting dinner ready. They came in about 2 minutes later saying there wasn't much to see. More and more mounds of snow. Plus, I just threw whatever on them so they were not dressed to go trudging through the winter wonderland.

I cleaned my entire cupboard again today and found more weevils. Stupid annoying little pests. This time they were in my whole wheat flour. (Admittedly, the wheat and the flour are old but I was hoping to use them somehow!) Very sad about the flour because now I can't make waffles in the morning like I had planned. And we are out of cereal. And hot chocolate. To add to the white flour, popcorn and sugar I was out of.

I did find about 10 lbs of beans and 7 cans of crushed pineapple so we're good to go another week if need be. Hahaha!

They do say there's going to be another storm on Monday though. Sigh...there go any plans I had for the weekend!



  1. Well at least the weather has shown you the holes in your food storage. :) Now that I've typed that for the whole world to see I'm going to get a similar chance to see my holes I'm sure!

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Another one? What?! My parents are on their way, moving to D.C. and will arrive Monday so I hope that storm misses you, for your sake and theirs.

    I agree about husbands working from home...it's frustrating to have them so close and yet so far away.


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