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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bad Boys!


This morning after breakfast I was cold. I normally do my exercising right after breakfast but I couldn't seem to bring myself to take off my nice warm pjs and into my cold work out clothes. I curled up in my bed instead and read my book. The kids were playing so nicely downstairs. I felt so decadent sitting in my bed by myself with a book mid morning.

That feeling didn't last.

It quickly disappeared when I hadn't heard the boys in awhile. I wasn't engrossed in the book that much to tune out the kids, but it was strangely quiet. I hopped right up and went to check on them and Butterfly. Butterfly was playing in the living room with the barn and the frogs (yes, frogs) and there were no little boys to be seen. I asked her where they were. "I dunno," she answered never taking her eyes from her toys. So I start searching the house.

I looked all over my living room. In the little house area, nope. How about under a coffee table that's shoved in the corner? Nope. In the kitchen? No. Dining room? Nope. Bathroom? No. Upstairs! I checked under beds, in closets, and finally all through my room. No where! Either they are really good at hiding or I am missing some place.

And then I hear it. Laughter. From outside. Suddenly I knew. They had gone out the dog door and were playing in the snow we got last night on our deck. In their pjs. With no shoes or coats on. Good thing they had footie pjs on or we would have had some cold baby toes.

Professor came right in when I opened the sliding door to let them in. Pirate sat hugging the fence and sucking his thumb. I can't fit out the door to the deck because of the dog door so I had to send Butterfly out to get him. At least I had her put boots on before going out.

I am so thankful they went out the back door and not the front. And I'm grateful for a strong fence to keep them contained. They sure had a lot of fun but I think they gave me a few gray hairs today. This was the only playing outside we did with this latest snow. This weekend they are calling for 12-20 inches so hopefully we'll be able to go play in that!

We'll just plan on going out the front door and not the doggy door.



  1. Oh my goodness! Those are some clever little boys! Your post made me giggle. Definitely glad to hear they went to the backyard instead of the front yard.

  2. Man those boys are giving you a run for your money!

  3. I can't believe it! Hope they grow fast so they can't fit through that doggy door anymore...or else you could really be in for some interesting days!

  4. That's so funny and scary! I love that you got the camera out. What a memory.

  5. And this is only the beginning....Good luck with all the snow this weekend. You must be loving it!

  6. Yikes! Sometimes I think it's not such a bad thing we still live in an apartment. If our kids escape at least they're not walking right out into the street and if it gets bad there are cameras all over this building! That would scare me to death!

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