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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Here We Go Again


Today started out being a very lazy day. I had several phone calls to make and laundry to do. Wow do I ever have so much laundry today. Probably because we've been wearing 3 or more layers every day to go play outside. Butterfly has no more clean socks. The laundry has been running constantly all day.

We also ran to the post office. I was going slightly crazy in the house. To the post office was enough, though. The roads are piled high with snow. It covers half way up the street signs. I also felt like I was driving through a big white tunnel. Very hard to see anything beyond what is in front of you. The roads are mostly dry and passable. Good thing too because it just started snowing again (around 4pm).

It seems so weird to have this much snow here and more coming down. I feel like I am living in a mountain town where everyone goes skiing every day. The snow is beautiful, though. I'm not sure I can ever have enough of it.

After the post office I let the kids play outside for a few minutes. I figured why not since I took the time to shove them into their coats. They love that slide they made. Butterfly went down it once and then dashed back inside. I told her she'd be cold wearing a dress and tights but she has to figure things out for herself. The boys went down it several times each. The path to the slide is right next to the house next to us. And that house is growing some pretty impressive icicles. (As I was driving to the post office, I saw a house with an icicle from roof to front step. It was awesome looking and I wished I brought my camera!) As I was eying the icicles above my young children's heads, I failed to notice that the snow path is now an ice rink. I only noticed it when Pirate fell and bashed his face on the ice. There was blood and everything. He is going to have one impressive bruise for awhile on his cheek.

That ended the fun really quick and we all went back inside.

According to Weather.com, we should get another 6-12 inches through Thursday morning. That is a lot for this area. Combine that with 9 foot piles of snow on the roads and we're going to be totally buried. Love it. I don't have to go ANYWHERE all week long.



  1. SO jealous! Of your snow, of not having to go anywhere, of being cozy, of the soft muted sounds of snow falling... I have to admit I'm loving our gray skies and wet drizzle (we're nearly up to 2.5 inches for this year)but 9 foot piles of snow sounds amazing!

  2. I just did a entry about the same thing. Round 2 has been falling for less than an hour now.



  3. We're doing pretty well over here, too. I just wish I liked snow. I do like being able to stay around the house all day!

  4. That's nice that your kids play so well in the snow together! I really just wish the sidewalks were cleared so that I could go for a walk. Not having daily walks is killing me! I'm totally getting cabin fever!!!


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