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Thursday, February 18, 2010

From Butterfly's View


Last year for Christmas Butterfly got a kid camera.  It eats through batteries like you would not believe.  Sometimes she takes a lot of pictures, and sometimes it sits in the bottom of a drawer for months.  The past few days she's taken a lot of pictures.  I finally downloaded over 200 of her pictures today.  They span from Christmas till this afternoon.  She was THRILLED to see what she took.  And she kept telling me how much she likes that picture.  Even if it's just a black picture.  Or if her finger is in the way.  She thinks it's a work of art.  These are some of the more interesting pictures I think she took.

Look at those cute cute feet!  We had a lot of feet pictures but I like this one the best.

There's a whole series of pictures where she is making different faces to see what she looks like.  This is the only one that is clear (ish). 

I find it interesting to see how she views her brothers.  And also how they view her!

Cooking day!  We made bread together and she took pictures of every step.  Very Pioneer Woman of her.  :)


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