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Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Day


This morning we got the kids up and had breakfast. There was lots of bouncing from Vinny and Butterfly because they were ready to play. Juice was outside gathering the garbage together in case they came (they didn't) so he took a walk to the hill to see what was going on.

He came back saying we should go. Now. He watched several cars get up the hill and they did just fine. Okay! Lala got her stuff together and I decided to take a test drive. Juice and I hopped in the car and up we went. No big deal. We came back down, threw everything into the car and strapped the kids down. Off we go!

Up the hill with no problems. Into Lala's apartment complex with slightly more problems. They had plowed, but everyone was throwing snow from their cars into the parking lot. Where the plows did not get to them. And people drove over them. Bad combo. Years of snow driving prepared me for all of this though. I fish tailed a few times but nothing I couldn't handle. I think Lala and her family were happy to be in their own house. I know I would be!

I got to the top of our hill and sat. And waited. And watched one car try over and over and over to get up the hill. I finally put my hazard lights on (in the turn lane, I wasn't blocking traffic!), got out and pushed him up the hill. Then I watched a snow plow go sideways down the hill trying to get in. Once he got straightened out, I went down no problems. The plow guy stopped me and thanked me for getting the person out of the way and wanted to know if the van had 4 wheel drive. Nope, I just know what I'm doing. He said this was his first really big snow storm. No wonder nothing has been plowed properly! And no wonder some people haven't been plowed at all.

Juice tried to go to work soon after I got home. Soon after that, he came back home. I guess there was a lot of traffic of people trying to get up that hill and no one was making it again. He said he'd work from home and try later. About an hour later, he made it.

He said the main roads are mostly clear but the side roads are really bad. He almost didn't make it up a hill near his work (these are little hills, keep this in mind) and saw several people stuck. He also said that the freeway is not plowed at all. Why? Because there are too many stuck cars. By the time he came home from work, that freeway was open but one lane only.

Things are being cancelled left and right. Good thing too. People obviously have no idea what they are doing.

But there is a silver lining to all of this. We should be getting 10-12 MORE inches of snow tomorrow through Wednesday. Juice and I will go build up the forts and really get a snowball fight going. Professor has a really good arm...he'll be on my team. And Soot can be on my team too. She can be our wall breaking dog.

Now if only I don't run out of hot chocolate, this is going to be a blast!


PS- All fun aside, I'm hoping we don't loose power again this time. We were incredibly lucky not to with this last storm. Cooking will be fine, we have a way to do that. It's the heat I'm worried about. I'm trying to talk Juice into a propane heater. Care to help? Leave a comment for him about it. :)

PPS- I discovered on Saturday night that the wheat we were storing was full of weevils! It was sitting next to the bag of popcorn I had and that has weevils now too. Also, the flour that was near by. Crappy. I have no flour, no popcorn. I'm so in the mood to bake and I'm sad I can't. Sigh...

PPPS- I have no idea why I can't get the highlighting off the misspelled words. Sorry!


  1. Wow, you must be strong to push a car up a hill!! It sounds like you're having an adventure. I'm sorry about the weevils. I feel like baking too and I don't have any chocolate chips.

  2. Only bring a propane heater into the house if you want to kill yourselves. The carbon monoxide levels are really unsafe . . . unless you have a way to vent it out. We lose power here every year nearly and are out for a long time, there is always stories of families that have died from using propane heaters in their house. Get lots of warm blankets and cuddle together. Stay safe!

  3. Maybe it's carbon dioxide, but either way, really, really unsafe.

  4. Anonymous9:52 PM

    The only safe heater to bring into a home is a kerosene heater. It burns clean. It's an excellent investment and can actually heat a home all winter very easily. Please DO NOT do propane!!! Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad choice!!!

    Love Aunt Lisa

  5. By the way, Uncle Carl says the weevils will just add more protein. YUCK!!!!

  6. Sad your wheat and flour are ruined. Yay! for more snow and more play days. I keep watching the news and being amazed at what you guys are facing. Have for all of us too!

  7. How old was your wheat? Maybe keep it in tupperware or something air tight? I can't believe all the snow! They talk about 3-5 inches tonight and people are freaking out. The world would end in Missouri if we got that much. Stay warm! You could just use all the snow to insulate the house like an igloo. ;)

  8. Can I come over and get stuck with you. Sounds like lots of fun....

  9. Sweets,

    Propane's bad. It's carbon dioxide, but really what it does is suck all the oxygen out of the air and leave the CO2. I would not recommend it. Kerosene is better but it stinks. We used kerosene heaters in Japan and they are great for heating. You can even make hot chocolate on the tops if they have them. Ventilate properly in any case. Those types of heaters require oxygen.



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