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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One Busy Week


This is turning out to be a super busy week for us. Something going on every day. I like it like this but I fear the children will not be as happy as I am about it.

Although my day time plans may be derailed tomorrow by all the snow we're getting tonight. We shall see.

Yes, more snow! This has been the snowiest winter we've had since we moved here. Amazing. I think they said we should get 2 to 3 inches tonight, and then another snow storm this weekend. I am very excited about all of it!

I earned another $20 at Swagbucks this month. I am saving up for one of those flip cameras and I should have it by the summer. If you're not searching and winning, I don't know why not! Click on the link and earn free money. Totally works. (And if you're already signed up but not active...get active! I know who you are.)


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