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Thursday, February 04, 2010

They Lived!


So all of my children lived to see the sun set today. This morning, it was pretty dicey as to whether or not they were going to. I just can't seem to catch a break with the kids lately. Good thing I called Juice on the brink and he decided that I should get out tomorrow morning before the storm hits and be alone. He thought it was a great idea. Right?!

So, the boys this morning come downstairs without me while I am arguing with Butterfly over something. Then I hear a crash. I rush downstairs to see what it was and they broke a glass that was on our table. They were also up on the table. So I clean that up (to a chorus of screaming, no injuries, just removed toy and table top exploration) and start to get breakfast ready. While I am putting oatmeal and milk in the microwave, I hear another crash. This time the broke a glass that was on the counter. No one was hurt but it put me right on edge the rest of the day. And it was only 7am!

After a lack luster breakfast for everyone (the oatmeal was good...no one ate it except me) I go upstairs to start getting everyone ready. While I am changing diapers and telling Butterfly she has to wear some kind of pants under her dress because it's winter, the boys find Juice's soccer ball and basket ball. They are super excited ("Ball! Ball!") and I let them have fun chasing each other and throwing the balls 2 inches. While I am trying to explain cold weather and proper clothing to my daughter, I hear a big bounce, bounce, bounce, thud.

This time they threw the balls down the stairs and put a nice dent in the wall in the stair well. 8 am and already I'm ready to walk out the door and leave them behind. I don't like being the one in charge right now!

And finally, while I was in the shower, they managed to pull Juice's tie rack out of the closet wall and scatter ties around the room. They really like Juice's Marvin the Martian tie and were fighting over it when I surveyed the scene. (This is where I called Juice and suggested STRONGLY that I needed to be away from the children for awhile tomorrow. Good thing his work is flexible. I'm off to breakfast early...anyone else need a break too?)

Professor screamed so hard during his nap today that he didn't nap. And Pirate didn't nap long enough because of all the racket. By the time Juice got home I was so spent that I could barely say hello. Needless to say, he cooked dinner, we watched movies and rejoiced when they were put in bed.


PS- We're supposed to get 3 feet of snow this weekend, starting tomorrow. 3 feet is not a lot to all my Utah family, I know. But 3 feet out here is more than they've had since the 1950s. Hopefully the power stays on but it may not. Not to worry...we've got candles and warm clothes and a fire (outside) with which to cook food over if it gets that bad. Sadly though, no heater. We'll probably all sleep in the same room and won't that be fun. So if you don't hear from me for awhile, I'm buried under snow!

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