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Monday, February 01, 2010

Double Trouble


So this morning started out like any other morning. The boys cried while I fixed their breakfasts and decided to eat in their high chairs this morning. They each had 3 bowls of cereal. It was great for me because yay they are eating! But not so fun in the high chairs. That means I can't go upstairs and do something because they scream and cry and want to get down the minute I leave the room. This is why I love having a laptop because I just poked around online while they ate happily. Butterfly too.

Once they were finally eating and playing nicely, I went upstairs to do my exercising. Butterfly and Pirate have been fighting the past few days. I finally shut them in different rooms while I exercised.

Except some how the boys got out of their room and made their way downstairs. And found the cereal Butterfly left on the table. And dumped an entire bag of cereal on the floor. I finished working out and heard silence from the house. Uh-oh. I discovered the boys covered in cereal bits quite happily eating off the floor. Good thing I just steamed that floor clean!

I got out the little hand held vacuum and started to pick it all up. Then I moved to vacuuming up all the cobwebs in the corners and the grooves in the floor. I walked out of the kitchen with the intent of going to take a shower when I saw the heating vent cover in the middle of the living room floor. Huh. That's not supposed to be there.

So I went to go put it away and discovered that they put blocks down the vent. Not just one or 2 blocks, at least 50. I'm not sure if I got them all or not. Also down there: crayons, little people, cars, a notebook!, and some of my kitchen spoons.

Seriously boys?!

They had sprinkled the vent generously with the aforementioned cereal. The heater was on so the cereal bits were blowing into my face as I'm digging out toys from the bowels of my house. I was up to my armpit in heater vent. Good thing I'm a member of the "green arm club" from college. Once you've stuck your arm up a horse or a cow, going down a dryer vent is no big deal.

I did vacuum up most of the crumbs from the dryer vent (and found 2 more blocks as they stuck to the vacuum tube) so hopefully we will not have pests from this lovely disaster.

Now an hour after I exercised, I am finally ready to shower. Only to have Professor trip while carrying milk and spill a full cup all over the carpet. Gah.


It's been a very involved day already.



  1. Oh my! I can't help but smile, but just because you write so well about it all. Believe me, one day you'll want to make a book about their antics.

  2. I heard a quote once that I just love....may be fitting for this situation, it goes something like this:
    Raising kids is like being pecked to death by a chicken.
    LOL. Glad you got things cleaned up. And when they grow up, oh the stories you will tell. :)


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