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Sunday, February 07, 2010

How To Earn a Free Pizza


Today was interesting. Lala and her family spent the morning with us. We drug all the kids outside right after breakfast to play in the snow. Juice had the big idea that he would build a fort. So up to the park behind our house we go. By the time we got up there (there was some sliding to do!) the boys were done. No worries though! We just plowed ahead. I held Professor on my shoulders most of the morning and we built forts!Here is Juice digging out the second fort. Yes, we made two! Because it's more fun to have a snowball fight if you have something to aim at. You can see Juice holding both boys in this picture while I am digging out the second fort. The first fort with Juice's coat on a tether ball pole like a flag.

Sadly, the kids were totally done by the time we got done with the forts and no one played with them once we were done. Lala and I went out during naps and threw a few at each other. So much fun!

The kids played well (mostly) and we had a nice early dinner. Then we tried to get out to get everyone home.

Juice went out to see what was going on with our little tiny hill and then we were going to head out. An hour later, I went out to see where he went. Turns out EVERYONE was getting stuck trying to go up the hill. Juice had spent the hour shoveling cars out of snow banks and getting people up the hill. I helped some in hopes that we would be able to get our car up the hill. When we had to help 2 SNOW PLOWS get up the hill, we decided that Lala and her family were going to stay another night. Juice helped at least 15 cars up the hill, including the 3 plows that got stuck and the tow truck. He also pushed out the pizza delivery car and the pizza dude gave him a coupon for free pizza. Sa-weet!

Juice ended up pushing out people for 3 hours and I directed traffic so people would stop coming down the hill. The goal was to start at the bottom and don't stop till you get to the top. Well people would come down the hill and they would meet in the middle. The people going up the hill would get stuck half way and the people coming down would get stuck in front of the other car. So I was letting people go down and up in waves.

Goal for tomorrow: get up the hill and get Lala and her kiddos home. More adventures about that tomorrow!



  1. You need those orange lights they use at the airport! Good luck getting out tomorrow!

  2. Love that you guys got a free pizza....Sa-weet indeed! Oh, and you had fun to boot! Yeah!

  3. Anonymous2:51 AM

    What a guy! Go Juice, so sweet of him. And you, too. Talk about faith in action. I hope tomorrow goes well :)


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