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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Going


I can't tell if it's still snowing outside or if the wind is just blowing the snow around.  It's around 4pm in the afternoon again, and the snow has definitely let up.  This morning it was blowing so hard that I could not see the street in front of my house.  I could barely make out the steps that lead up to our house.  Talk about a blizzard! 

Juice went to work this morning because they were saying we would get 6-10 inches more.  Phsss...that's nothing for us.  So off to work he goes.  He said there were about 12 cars in the parking lot.  There was NO ONE there.  I called him around 9am to make sure he got there okay.  I didn't want him driving home when it got cold so he said he'd be home around 2 or 3pm.

About an hour later, he called to tell me he was coming home.  He had nothing left at work that he couldn't do at home so home he came.  I got the kids started with a movie and went to go shovel our walk before he came in. 

Only a few minutes later he was home and I sent him inside to check on the kids.  Guess who was OUTSIDE?!  Pirate.  Dear, sweet, full of adventure Pirate.  Professor met Juice at the door and pulled him over to the back door.  Juice said he was not cold, but having the time of his life running around in knee high snow.  I'm glad he seems to enjoy the snow and the out of doors so much.  I just wish he would enjoy it with MY permission!  In other words, STAY AWAY FROM THE DOG DOOR!

The rest of the day has been playing and attitude from Little Miss Butterfly.  I think she is a little bored and taking it out on everyone.  I'm a little bored.  There is only so many movies I can watch in a day, and so much spilled cereal I can clean up in a day. 

I guess the storm is supposed to stop sometime tonight.  Everything has been canceled for the rest of the week, including church on Sunday.  We've gotten at least another 12 inches on top of what we already had.  That makes for a grand total of 40 inches in just a week.  Gotta love that!  Juice is excited to go out and use the snow forts we built on the weekend.

But until then, I've got to entertain 3 small children in a confined space.  I am glad we have so many toys.  An unexpected bonus for being shut away from the world: we are not sick.  First time in about 6 weeks we have not had runny noses.  I bet that ends the day after they get out of nursery next week.



  1. Sounds like a tun of fun (sarcasm). After so long I think everyone gets cabin fever being inside. Oh and yes, if they go to nursery, it's likely that the healthy will end. :)

  2. Thank goodness that everyone is well! I can't believe that little stinker escaped again!!

  3. My kids are stuck in the house a lot. Their favorite activity is freeplay dancing time! Even Seraph recognizes the songs on the playlist and rocks back and forth during her favorites.

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