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Friday, February 05, 2010

Give Me Your Best Shot-Dragon!


Playing along with my good friend Lolli over at Better in Bulk. Go check out her pictures because she's got some really cute ones of Butterfly and AJ (her boy) at the resource center.

Mine comes from last weekend at the zoo and Tai Shan's farewell party. Beyond seeing the panda for the last time and writing him a good bye note, they had a show that they put on. There were drums, dancing, singing, etc. The final act were 2 Chinese dragons that went out into the crowd and danced to the drums. They scared Butterfly so bad but I thought they were beautiful.

What have you been taking pictures of lately?


PS- Snow started around 11am this morning. The boys and I went for a walk and then Butterfly and I played on the playground for awhile. Everyone is taking an awesome nap and I had my morning out.


  1. Yes. Snow! I wish we lived within walking distance from each other. I guess I shouldn't complain. :)

    I love your new button! I'm grabbing it now!

  2. How did you guys fare in the storm? We just got power back! Only 18 hours without power. It was a fun day!


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