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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thawing and Playing


We've had a pretty fun day over here at the Living In Maryland household. Well, it didn't start out fun FOR ME but the kids seemed to have a good day. Well, Pirate did. He is fast with that dog door! I normally don't really pay attention to it when it swings and clicks once because I figure that means the dog is outside. But today, that was Pirate going out. At least 3 times, probably 4. I've tried locking it with our door shutter thing. He pulls that up and goes out. I've tried blocking him out of the kitchen. He climbs over the gates now and goes out. I finally gave up and embraced the fact that he will go out and that there is no where for him to go from there.

I kind of forgot about the dog poop. Oops. He didn't. In fact, he thought it would be fun to smear it all over my sliding glass door. With Professor on the other side laughing hysterically at it.


So I had to clean him up and the door and the rest of the poop for when he goes back out there. I was NOT HAPPY.

So not happy, in fact, that I called Juice and asked him to come home from work so I could have some sanity time away from my lovely children. He only had an hour left and they were going to have a nap so he could easily finish that hour at home. Yay for flexible jobs and for loving husbands who want happy wives.

I went to pick Lala up and we took off. First stop was the fabric store for her and then to the grocery store for popcorn. I'll get the rest of my groceries tomorrow. (The fabric store happens to be right next to a grocery store. Handy!)

Then we ran to the thrift store and I bought snow pants for Butterfly for 2 dollars. I love that thrift store. I also love these pants because we had to go try them out!

We all went out to play and stayed out until the sun went down. We had so much fun throwing snow balls and sledding. The boys were really great outside today and only cried a little bit. They even willingly went on a sled which is huge for them.

Everyone is in bed early from playing really hard. I love it when that happens.

Playing along with my friend Lolli today as well!

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

She's surviving the aftermath of the storm as well as we are...except her car is still stuck! Go check out every one's pictures and say hello.

Butterfly loves these icicles. It's a lot of fun to watch Juice knock them off the houses with snowballs.



  1. Oh poo! I guess every kid has to have some great poo adventure. At least his brother loved the show! Good Juice.

  2. Oh no!! That's horrible about the dog poop! :( But it did make me chuckle!
    PS--did you hear that we're having Sac. Mtg on Sunday now?

  3. Anonymous9:56 PM

    What a nightmare about the dog poop! I would have freaked out. I'm already thinking that come warm weather I'll have to go on poop patrol daily to keep Evie from getting into it in our back yard. Yuck.


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