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Monday, February 22, 2010

Instead of...


Instead of forcing the boys into clothes this morning, I let them run around the house with just their diapers on while I exercised. They brought me clothes because they were cold (the scrunch up their arms next to their bodies and rock back and forth...that means cold) and happily got into them.

Instead of saying no to a movie this morning for Butterfly, I said yes. I also explained to her that she did not get a nap time movie and she agreed. There was only a few minutes of pouting when I reminded her of that at nap and she willingly had quiet play time in my room.

Instead of trying to hustle everyone out to the car as fast as possible, I allowed them to make snow balls and throw them. I clapped over every one. I oohed and aaahed as they smashed the snow under their feet. I let Butterfly run through the snow in mary janes and no socks. She came back very quickly.

Instead of ending the fight at the grocery store as who got to sit where, I let them work it out. Butterfly is very smart and knows her brothers well.

I wish I could say that instead of hissing at Butterfly when she dropped our lunch on the ground because she was too impatient, I took it all in stride. But I didn't. She got in trouble. The food was saved (by still being wrapped up) but she moaned and whined while we ate. She told me "I am NOT going to EAT! I will STARVE FOREVER." And I answered her, "Fine." In my head, I thought "I'm not going to cry at your funeral. You did this too yourself." Then I felt guilty. Then I probably realized that I would cry at her funeral. And instead of stewing over it like she was, I gave her a big hug and kiss on the head and she started eating.

Instead of saying no to puddle jumping, I let everyone get their feet wet at the glasses repair place. (Juice's glasses broke and this place is amazing! He fixes your glasses for a very reasonable fee and you don't have to get new ones. Awesome!)

Instead of listening to the radio on the way to Butterfly's dance class, I listened to her. I answered her questions about the rain (yes! rain!) and her plans for the future. (She's going to marry Vinny and live in Utah next to Nana.)

Instead of dragging everyone out after dance class, Juice and I stayed home. We could have gotten a free scoop of ice cream at our favorite place because it was raining. But we figured it was cold and wet and we'd rather not.

Instead of blogging, I sat and watched Super Bowl commercials with Juice. We laughed some, but mostly shook our heads over them. I really liked the Clydesdale one. Very cute. We then spent 45 minutes talking about the kids and the cute things they've done lately. We wondered about Butterfly's future ourselves. We chatted about our future and upcoming birthdays. It was nice to reconnect with no other distractions.

So...tomorrow do something out of the ordinary and then come tell me about it! I hope it changes your day for the better like it did mine.



  1. Cute post. Live seems filled with "insteads"...hopefully we choose the good ones. :)

  2. I'm feeling inspired I hardly ever do the "instead" things with my kids and I know those things will be what they remember when they get older.

  3. Anonymous11:22 PM

    You're learning what mothers eventually learn. Children are priceless! Gma

  4. That sounds so pleasant! I'm glad it was such a good experience. I feel like every time I do the "let them" stuff, it ends up turning into a disaster. Like I let them run around naked, then they kick and scream bloody murder when they finally have to get dressed. Or I let them help me make brownies - only to have to finally yell them out of the kitchen when they've flung the batter all over and their hands are covered and they're touching everything and I've lost all control! But the days I've stopped when they ask me for something and help them or play with them instead of always saying "just a minute" I know I feel like a much better mom!

  5. what a great day :o) i love days like that, when i seem to have the right perspective about life. i wish i had it more often!

  6. Very wise, and something I need to do more often! Thanks for sharing.


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