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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day Like Any Other


The day progressed like any normal Wednesday would go. I was doing my half of the babysitting trade today so I got up a little earlier than normal so I would be ready when Mimi came over. I got up and started doing my exercising (pilates this morning...ouch my poor stretched out belly) and Butterfly got up. For some reason she MUST pee in my bathroom in the morning. So she busts out of her room, busts into mine, and stomps into my bathroom, grumbling the whole time. (She is not happy in the morning unless you let her have some space.) So there I am, doing these weird poses. Her door is wide open. So is mine. Our rooms are down the hall from each other. Professors crib (still in her room) is right up next to the door. So Professor can hang his head over the side and see down the hall. I had about 7 minutes left on the dvd so I figured I would go get the boys when I was done. Well, I kept coming in and out of Professor's sight because he kept screaming "Mammy! Mammy!" around his binkie. It was too funny.

And why is it that my children can't call me just Mommy or Mama? Seriously.

Pirate only went out the dog door twice today. Both times with me in the room. He just slides out so fast. They also have rediscovered the dog's food and water. But this time, with tools! They love my kitchen spoons and measuring cups so they were trying those out on the dogs stuff today.

Our parking lot is a mess. Everyone has dug out just enough spaces for themselves. So if there is someone visiting, it throws the whole balance off. We do not have assigned parking in our court. I normally love this. But since the snow, people have been saving spaces with cones, chairs, kid's toys, even a tall lamp. While I normally don't agree with saving spaces (either everyone has saved spaces or no one does), I get this saving after you've shoveled.

There's a sign on one of the spaces at the far end of my court that says, "Did you spend 4 hours shoveling this space out? No? Then get your a** outta here!" I think it's a little extreme but funny.

We have been saving our spots with a garbage can. Well today, someone MOVED the garbage can and parked where Juice was parking. Now, when there is no snow and people are saving spaces, I will move their cones and park there. No one has the right to save it since NO ONE has assigned parking. But today...I was highly annoyed. Did they not know that we have spent at least 6 hours keeping these spaces clear of snow the past 2 weeks? Of course they did, because these are our neighbors that we're on fairly good terms with. I think they took our spot because they knew we are nice and wouldn't put up a stink.

If we were different people, we probably would have knocked on their door and asked them to move their car so we could park there. But since NO ONE has assigned parking, that wouldn't be very neighborly.

Instead, Juice parked the car in a different space and took his snow shovel to a non shoveled space. It took him probably an hour to clear that space with the help of the guy whose space he parked in. He then moved his car to the newly cleared space so the other guy could have his space back.

At least now there is a space for visitors. Juice wants to take this weekend and shovel out several more spaces so there will be enough for people to actually have visitors. Any chance he gets to shovel, he takes!



  1. More power to Juice...I am still hurting from the shoveling I did. I think I hurt my back as I can hardly move my neck and my arm only goes up so high. Ow my aching henieted disk. Juice be careful.

  2. That is so funny that all the other blogs I read from people in Maryland and the east coast have all devoted posts to the parking space drama cause by the storms. Crazy! My friend did a photo collage of all the amusing parking space holders people have used. Funny the things that try your patience - the people as much as the snow!

  3. Oh brother! I'm just proud that you haven't keyed any of your neighbor's cars. ;)


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