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Monday, November 27, 2006

Butterfly is going to be an engineer


Butterfly loves books. Loves them to the point of having to take them to bed with her. She reads while she eats. She reads all day long. Any other toy will get chucked when a book is offered. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on you and have you read books over and over. She even has one memorized and will get upset if you read it differently. She also says "No." in all the right places. I have a video of it that will have to wait till our cable comes back. (By the way, I'm posting at my babysitting job...Butterfly is asleep and Miss Long Hair is watching a movie.)

Anyway, so what does books and being an engineer have to do with each other? The other day she found Juice's textbooks on our bookshelf. She pulled them out, flipped through a few and brought me one to read. Modern Compressible Flow. Whatever that means. So she snuggled up on me, turned the pages and starting saying "ohhh....Ohhh...OHHH!!!" It was so cute. I called Juice at work and let him listen to her gush over the equations. He is so proud.

In other news, Juice is off to Chicago this week to do a conference thing. It's going to be a week of take out, girly movies, and facials for me and Butterfly. :) (Maybe not Butterfly on the facial but her mommy could use one.) Tonight's dinner of choice is Chinese. Yum!


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