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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Video Wednesday


Now that my internet is up and working (still having some issues with the cable...stupid tv company) I thought I would show off Butterfly a little bit. My mom has been begging for pictures of this little girl, and those will come tomorrow. Today, video!

This first one is her helping us decorate the tree. She is determined to put that ornament on the light. I think Juice moved it after she put it up, but it's still very cute.

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This one is of her trying to put a hair bow on Soot. When I was younger, I used to dress up our old dog all the time. She fit so well into my doll clothes. And I would put her in my back pack and cart her around the house or out on my bike. Let me tell you she didn't like the bike rides. I'm glad that Butterfly and Soot are becoming friends, and that Soot doesn't seem to mind these things too much.

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This last one is of Butterfly and Juice reading her favorite book. This girl loves to read. And she has a few books memorized. She will even point out the word dog if she's in the mood. But this book is one of her favorites. You can see why.

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