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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Phone calls


Butterfly loves to play with my cell phone. Most of the time, I just turn it off and let her have at it. She will put it up to her ear, and jabber away. Today she was saying "I call!! I call!"
"Who are you calling?"
"Dada! Nana! Gamma!"
I didn't even know she knew Nana or Grandma. You can tell who I talk to on the phone though. :)

When I'm on the phone, she has to pick what ear I have the phone against. And she throws a royal fit if she doesn't get a turn on it. Bad when I'm on the phone to the insurance company or something like that.

The best thing she does with the phone on her turn is giggle uncontrollably. It is SO cute and so much fun for the grandparents. :) I can just imagine what it's going to be like when she is a teenager.


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  1. My kids LOVE the phone. My daughter talks to anyone on the phone, but in person? She hides behind me.

    The uncontrollable giggles are the best.


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